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3. Community


  1. Star Wars Role Playing

    Enter the world of Star Wars Role Playing... Interact within the Star Wars Universe! Also feel free to discuss any related RPGs.

  2. Clans General Discussion

    General Clan / Order / Guild and Gaming League Discussion and Chat. Recruit new members, issue challenges, and discuss all other things clan related.

  3. MMvSG: Official Conversion Discussion

    Info and discussion of the ongoing project by Kurgan and Darkhawk: Marilyn Manson vs. Spice Girls

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  4. Skills and Game Play

    Have a special technique you want to share? Not sure what end of the sabre to hold? Post your comments here.

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  5. Editing General

    General Editing Discussion Forum, discuss all editing and mod topics.

  6. CTF, KFY, and Team Games

    Post messages here discussing Capture the Flag (CTF), Kill the Fool with the Ysalamari (KFY) and other things related to Team Gaming in JK/MOTS (JediBall, CO-OP, Blaster Tag, etc).

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  7. Star Wars Fan & Gaming Rants

    This experimental forum is for your personal rants, discussions that don't fit into the other categories.Though it will be minimally moderated, we urge you to keep the discussions civilized.

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