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Discussing all things Psychonauts. Visit the site at Razputin.net.


  1. Whispering Rock Lakeside Chat

    “Relax beside the warm lake water and discuss all things Psychonauts. Post secrets, tear apart the minds, obsess over the characters, examine their relationships — just don't touch my damned boats.”

  2. Ford Cruller's Bacon Support

    “You pick up a lot of experience out on the field, son. Puzzles, baddies, whatever — I know it all, just as long as I'm near some of this here psitanium. Post your problem and I'll psychically route the answer through one of the other forumites.”

  3. The Mental Minx's Off-Topic Party

    “What? You don't want to talk about Psychonauts? Well, I suppose that's alright! You can use my mind as a fun place to talk about whatever else may be on your mind, darling. Do stay away from any hidden rooms you might find, though.”

  4. Sasha's Role-Playing Experiments

    “Razputin and I have been testing out my new piece of equipment, the RPG-T. When multiple people use it, they all see each other and the world around them completely differently. Razputin seems to think it'd be good for role-playing games.”

  5. Thorney Towers Creativity Room

    “Mr. Pokeylope and I love art, fiction, music, videos, and anything else created by fans! We'll be your best friends ever if you come sit down with us and make something beautiful. Edgar made such a nice painting of me last week.”

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