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  1. Rum, years ago I wondered about the same, and believe I know where you are coming from. I really hope I don’t come off rude with my post, but have to ask: Are you really sure you want to dive back into this topic, and are you really, really sure you want to do it with that question? The thing is that this question has been (and still is) asked a million times, and there is no quick answer to this that will satisfy. I know I had the same thought in the past, and it took many years for me to understand it. I’m trying to educate myself with reading articles, listening to p
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  2. I apologize in case my question felt provoking or out of place, mine was a genuine question asked to / among people I somehow consider "close" (for what the internet allows us to be close obviously). I respect all of you and had a great time for decades here, both as a lurker and as an active member. I understand that such a question is a bit too much to actually deal with in a forum like this (for LucasArts related stuff mainly). You don't come off rude and I hope I didn't as well, it's really something I was wondering but you're right, this implies personal research i
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  3. The way I see it, white people are privileged enough in the western world. And being white, I couldn't even imagine feeling a victim of racism if I was a voice actor and I was replaced by a black actor (ESPECIALLY for a black role).
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