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  1. I apologize if this is the incorrect place to post this sort of thing. I just made my new account minutes ago, and I can't figure out how to contact the mods of this messageboard or www.scummbar.com. I was on the Trivia page for The Curse of Monkey Island, and I noticed that the captions for two of the images are reversed. The Dominique caption and the Indiana Jones caption need to be reversed. Thank you to whomever this goes out to. I have attached the screenshot I took of the images in question, and here is the link just in case it is needed: https://scummbar.com/games/index.php?game=3&
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  2. Some good samples in there. To be pedantic, I see you didn't credit Clint Bajakian who actually composed the majority of the game. Michael Land talked about it briefly on Telarium's now gone Michael Land page: "I didn't really do anything at all on Sam and Max (I think I may have done one piece, if that). Peter McConnell did a lot of initial sketches of themes early on, and Clint Bajakian took it from there and pretty much scored the bulk of the game by himself."
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