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  1. Hey guys, I'd like to put up another request for scanning a few items for the poster project. Currently I am especially looking for material from the earlier Lucasfilm/Activision titles, "Koronis Rift" and "The Eidolon". Both were released on floppy and on cassettes, but the cassette cases usually are too small to provide a high quality artwork. "Koronis Rift" at least had a big-box floppy release on C64 in Europe, which provides a rather large, clean version of Terry Hoff's artwork: Strangely though there seems to be another version of the floppy release, with a cro
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  2. I've released new versions of 4 programs: Double Fine Explorer adds support for the .isb files in Psychonauts so it can play all music/speech/sfx and fixes some minor issues with the main .pkg bundle. See the readme for more information. Telltale Music Extractor, Telltale Speech Extractor and Telltale Explorer now all support The Walking Dead Definitive Series and the wonderful Sam & Max Save the World remaster. Download links on the software page.
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  3. Fullfilling this request, I've added two versions of this poster to the main post.
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