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  1. From what I’ve seen, the Xbox version does not have lite mode. At least there wasn’t an option. I had some time last night and played through part 1. I’m pretty sure the “hard” mode is the default on Xbox just from the description in that article. (The hard thread puzzle was in my game. I didn’t read past Part 1, no spoilers please!) I will say that I find this game to be more challenging than the first one, which is a good thing. Concerning the above mentioned thread puzzle, I had to look it up to get there. (Shame on me! I tried...) I kept walking around trying to fi
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  2. Scans of almost every issue of Lucasarts' magazine The Adventurer: https://archive.org/details/lucasarts-the-adventurer--magazine-complete This probably isn't incredibly useful, but the reason I'm posting it here is that I realised that the cover of issue 8 is the source for that big Ben Throttle cutout that was talked about earlier. Personally I far prefer this cover image to the one used for the actual game packaging - I'd legit print and frame it if a cleaned up version was available. This also solves who the artist was - Peter Chan! I replied to Tim's Twitter thread about
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  3. Wow! That’s a great archive! I only read about The Adventurer magazine, but I’ve never actually layed eyes on it! I scanned through issue 8, and I’m definitely gonna bookmark this one! Looks like some great reads! Thanks for the link, TimGentleman!
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  4. Hey all, I just want to give a heads up to anyone on here who is a fellow Xbox user. Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb is one of this month’s Games with Gold games until February 15. I never played it, but am adding it to my list! I’ve always heard good things about it.
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  5. You struck my curiosity with this, Rum, so I decided to find out what the differences were, and they are in fact quite huge! For people like me who never played Lite Mode, this is quite a nice write up of the differences, (obviously don’t read it if you don’t want any spoilers!!!): http://opinionscanbewrong.blogspot.com/2015/06/monkey-2-lite-differences-and-adventure.html?m=1
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  6. You'll love it! Please do play the HARD mode, as Easy mode will skip not only puzzles but entire rooms and a very big chunk of the game
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