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  1. Indeed. Disgraceful behaviour from anyone who considers themselves a fan in my opinion. It’s one thing to provide balanced feedback and maybe knock a bit off, but rampant one-star bombing is nothing short of nasty. I mean heck, we all disliked Guybrush’s hair in the special edition so much we created custom patches for it, not to mention the numerous poor art execution — but I wouldn’t dream of trying to destroy its saleability and effectively end interest in developing the franchise.
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  2. Found this seller creating awesome diaramas have he seems to have many Lucasarts ones. Picked up Grim Fandango for myself. check em out https://arts-md.myshopify.com/
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  3. I was wrong - some of the pages have numbers. Many, however, do not, and those that do have numbers appear to always be left-hand pages for some reason. On a lot of pages the lower area (where the page numbers are, when present) is taken up by factoids at the bottom of the page, but even where this is absent the page numbers aren't always included.
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  4. Good stuff! There are quite a few on Etsy as well.
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  5. Hey, @CHAOSMAN, haven't read from you for years! Yeah, those dioramas are great, I've seen them pop up every now and then over the last few years.
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  6. It's not my video, sorry. I don't own the boxset.
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  7. For anyone who wants to see the contents of the book (240 pages, officially known as Monkey Island Chronicles), see here: https://www.facebook.com/1436618846/videos/pcb.4398616666933596/437137791466024 (Link may not work? Not sure.)
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  8. Well, season 1 has been review-bombed to death on GOG (at a ridiculous 2.9 out of 5), and unlike on Steam, hasn't recovered from it. I wouldn't blame them if they'd avoid GOG's abusive rating system (where you can up- and downvote ratings, I think?) for the time being.
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