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  1. Thanks to the AMAZING contribution by @kiddomanteca we now have a high quality scan of the MI2 poster from "The One" magazine. This is by far the highest quality version we have of the artwork (brush strokes and canvas texture included), and after cleaning it up, I'll try to use some AI trickery to add the missing parts to this scan to create a textless version of it as well. Behold this incredible beauty:
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  2. Hi have the Monkey Island 2 Poster from U.S. Gold. If I can help, let me know the best options to scan it. I'm a begginer in here.
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  3. My big hope is still that Skunkape will be able to remaster this like S&M once Devil's Playhouse is wrapped. (With the positive side-effect of ToMI getting a Switch release).
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  4. With some artwork provided by yours truly (at least for the physical release).
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  5. I'd buy that for a dollar!
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  6. On a side note, I've acquired a bunch of new scans from more "exotic" releases of MI1, which would potentially allow me to extend my current MI1 poster a bit on all sides. I haven't done more than this little inventory check though:
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