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  1. Aww, that's too bad, I was just on the verge of finishing a Peragus playthrough. But at least, I'm glad you are still working on-it! Keep-up the good work, I'm sure going to give this a try!

  2. Hello, I wonder, have you been able to work some more on your Peragus mod?

  3. Hey Canderis, I'd like to know what you think about this:


  4. I just felt a few more had to be added is all ;) Digging these guys reminds me how great this community is even if it does seem to slow down... I'm not exactly the kind that gets insulted just like that. I have just been around for some time and saw a good lot of modders rise and disappear. My list is mostly about those whose work, in my opinion stands the test of time and are most probably available (even if not necessarily the fastest to answer, I am pretty confident they will answer).

  5. Yeah man, good for you! Did ATR have technicals problems like they had for me? And did you like the girl's sweet voice? (Last show was the time I actually noticed they had a girl :p)

  6. The same to you ;)

  7. Indeed I am.

  8. Who voiced Jolee Bindo? The voice is pretty good and sounds pretty much like him!

  9. Thanks, I'd tought you'd like-it. Your avatar's shiny too ;) Long live to ATR

  10. Thanks, I'd tought you'd like-it. Your avatar's shiny too ;)

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