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  1. After reading some in some old topics on the board I've achieved quite useful information. The BIG.Z folder does contain models, but they are not that useful for us who wants to mod the game. If you changed the Qui-Gon model to the Jar-Jar model (for example), the game would probably crash - because the Jar-Jar model doesn't have the same animations like the Qui-Gon model. Since the company Big Ape doesn't exist anymore, I don't think Zanzibar use the west@bigape.com mail these days, since it was his job mail. Our only chance for real contact would be if we could get his personal mail somehow. If we could get in touch with the guy, we must keep in mind that it's one HELLUVA chance that he doesn't own the source files anymore. Well, you never know... maybe they are saved somewhere...
  2. I think it would be very hard to make a multiplayer mod when you're one person, so I dunno if he could do that. And for the record - I don't think he visits these forums any more... Though - This game rocks the **** out of my socks (Still, even if it was 8 years ago I got the game!), and I would literally kill for an MP mod...
  3. True words. In one of the game's folders, I found a very intresting package called "BIG.Z". 77 MB and it would not surprise me at all if it contained the game's models and textures (Because you can find the sound files, the map files (et cetera) in other folders). I'll maybe look into this. You never know where it could go...
  4. When I played Mos Eisley Assault for the first time. So damn great.
  5. I looked in the TPM Manual and spotted Zanzibar's real name... Ray West. Do you guys think it's possible to find him somewhere on the net? If we could find him, do you think he can release the files (If he still has them)...?
  6. Oh well. I read that Zanzibar (Correct name, huh?) said that he couldn't release the source files and mod tools... But that was back in 2002. Not it's 2007! If the company (Big Ape) still has the files, is it POSSIBLE that they could release 'em? I have loved this game since I was a little kid, and modding would be a big plus!
  7. Short question: Is modding possible for this game?
  8. Yeah, TPM really sucks like a 'pure action'-game. But it's fun to explore the worlds!
  9. ''Saber combat in that game was a sloppy joke.'' Yes. Like SWBF2.
  10. Murder all the people in Mos Espa is great fun.
  11. In a galaxy far, far away... Haha, not really, it was in the Capital city of Sweden, Stockholm. I was about nine, ten years (I'm fourteen now) and I wanted to have a Star Wars-movie. Too bad, there was nothing there, only games. If I remember right, the parents payed the game, about 299 kronor (Maybe it's 30 dollars, I don't know). When we came home, I installed it and... What a game! I've never loved a game som much! I played it for hours and hours and I still love it. It's one of the greatest Star Wars-games off all time.
  12. Tatooine Corouscant Tatcor... LoL, the ultimate nerd-planet!
  13. I have the Maul skin installed but the Game dosn't work. Too bad, I wanted to go with Maul in Mos Espa and slaughter the civillians...
  14. LoL, sorry for the big pictures, didn't think of that... Everyone, here's the incredible Jedi-in-space-mod! http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/file/Space_Heroes;50535
  15. It dosn't work to jump on the roof of the Capital Ship with a clone/droid. Only with a Jedi. http://www.sims2.se/upload/adgadg.jpg
  16. Really, It's impossible do to that with the original charachters. The Clones cannot jump high and they cannot survive when jumping down 2000 metres.
  17. Hay! Me and my MSN-freind, Stefan, has figured out a way too get outside the Capital without a Fighter. Is it anyone else who has done this? The thing is you must get with a ship much near the field in the hangar, so you can jump out. Screenshots: http://www.sims2.se/upload/help_me.jpg ''-Hello, can you help me?'' http://www.sims2.se/upload/ani_in_space.jpg[/url
  18. Do you know why? It is cool:D Well, I repeat my question, can someone create this lightsaber for kotor and tsl?
  19. Nicke, you know, there is alredy a topic about that.
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