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  1. how would the SHAP-t be able to aim at the ground below it? its cannon can only fire on an angle going up, not down. also that thing is HUGE, its like, 10 times the size of a Juggernaut
  2. i like it, its a beam, meaning it goes through multible targets which is good for indoor maps or maps that have indoor areas
  3. wrong forums, lol. what did you do in your map?
  4. NEVER! it will live, trust me CLEAR! *zap* CLEAR! *zap* aghh! it lives!
  5. run forward and move your mouse up really fast while dropping a detpack/mine this will make the detpack/mine fly into the air and go foward
  6. all you have to type is /ADMIN /LOGIN and then /ADMIN /ADDMAP <mapID>
  7. doh, lol, i seem to making alot of mistakes, lol
  8. the neck PS: next time look better, theres a topic on where the critcal spots is
  9. I have a website which some of my clan friends use and i thought i would share it with you. NO. ~ET
  10. I installed the international version after a friend tellign me to and now my game doesn't start, it comes up with this any help?
  11. I installed the international version after a friend saying to and now SWBFII doesn't work, this coems up when i try to start.
  12. when it gets to five start counting with it to you get it stuck in your head and when it gets to 0 press spawn at the right moment at u will spawn
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