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  1. Did you have the fast-forward button turned on at the time? We've found cases where the fast-forward was disabling the laser animation. Not sure on the button not working anymore - I will pass that on to the code team.
  2. We're working fairly quickly on the bugs that have been reported here and on other forums. I expect that patch will be available fairly soon, but I don't have an exact timeline for you right now. I'll let you know as soon as I find out
  3. There appears to be a bug in the tech level slider as mentioned. We have a fix ready for the patch, but until then if you leave the tech level on default, you should be able to get the new units normally. The MC-30 and B-wings appear in the steal list after you reach tech level 5.
  4. I don't know if the dialog made it into the final game, but Valter is pretty much right - MandalMotors basically double-crossed Xizor and sold the schematics and ships to Tyber after his very generous donation - this took place slightly before the events in the Demo.
  5. There are no formal formation controls in EaW. However, the ships should by default move together in a formation unless you double click to move them (which would then send them to the location at best speed).
  6. Hmm...I'm not sure what the legality is about talking about unused ideas from a game design doc, since the documents are technically the property of LucasArts. However, in a nutshell, the idea was that the droid shuttles latched onto the side of the ship and would eat away "pips". When the pips were gone the ship was destroyed or captured. Each shuttle could only eat so many pips, and each ship had a different amount of pips. The shuttle wasn't completely removed - the current drop shuttle used for Consortium infantry and destroyer droids was originally the boarding shuttle. It's always possible this will appear in a later product. Designers are pretty notorious for re-using ideas
  7. Time constraint cuts are pretty common in game developement. You have a schedule and a deadline. You calculate how long a feature will take to code, do the UI for, design, balance, etc. You add up the required time to do all the things you want, and since you will likely go way past your deadline, you decide which things to cut in order to get the time down to a managable level. Also, many times through the life of the project, you will run into things that seem cool on paper, but just don't work in the game. You can either cut those things, or spend the extra time to get them to work properly. In many cases, if you choose to do the latter, something else will need to be cut in order to get back the time to fix it. Most game developement is a give and take of time vs. manpower vs. ideas. You can change your ideas, and you can change your manpower (sometimes) but you can't change time - you only get so much. Sometimes it amazes me that we manage to do what we do within the time given. But then Petroglyph has really good people Honestly I don't really remember much more being cut than the boarding ships; we had intended to cut some more things, but we ended up finding the time to do them anyway. Actually, we added way more to FoC than was originally intended (the vast majority of the corruption system was added late in the project, and the story has more missions than originally intended). While the boarding thing would have been interesting, I don't think the current game suffers for its absence.
  8. The boarding system was planned in the original design but was cut due to time constraints. The Destroyer Droid concept art contained text relating to the original design. Sorry guys, no boarding.
  9. There are several great game studios in the UK, so you wouldn't have to move to the US unless you really wanted to. What you are describing is really more 3D Artist than designer, though those definitions do blur in some cases (for example, many level designers are also 3D artists so that they can create levels within MAX). I can't really give you much advice on the art side, but you can check out our Petro web site to see what we look for in artists on the job page.
  10. Sorry guys, the demo is in Lucas' and Fileplanet's hands now, I don't really know their schedule. I expect it will be up ASAP.
  11. Personally I am a much bigger fan of the classic trilogy and EU materials surrounding those characters, but then I grew up with those movies. Still, there is a lot of material in the prequel trilogy for making a game if it comes to that, so if Lucas wants to go that route I won't say no
  12. You are most welcome. I can't speak for all game developers, but I can speak for myself when I say that we make games for people, and if we don't listen to those people, we won't be making games for very long. Our community is important to us, and we will certainly try to maintain our connection throughout the years to come. As to more Star Wars projects, that is up to LucasArts, so if you want to see more, you'll need to tell them Oh, and as to Honoghr, I can admit when I make a mistake
  13. We don't really go into the contents of the black market in the story, but the technology comes from the TIE phantom project. Of course Tyber has his own engineers working on things, so he always has a few modifications to make on anything he steals.
  14. Depends. The Rebel transport is prone to crashing, so if it gets shot down in the air or over water, the contents are toast (the same with the consortium transport being destroyed while hovering over water). Normally, however, you destroy the transport and the stuff runs out.
  15. The gargantuan has 5 transport slots If I remember right, while the other transports have 8-10 slots. A squad of infantry is one slot, and some transports can carry small vehicles (TIE maulers or destroyer droids) which take up two slots.
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