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  1. Few clans know OJP as well as CF. Get some coders and take if over if you can just make sure you add an english translation LOL
  2. Hey theres still some activity here. Good to see you guys again. Most of my OJP days are over for the moment. If it were resurrected, I wouldn't be able to help much. Right now, I can't even get my server to work at my new living location and I'm not sure why. I hope someone will continue it sometime, whether it be doing the work to finish 1.3 or just adding some of the bug fixes and minor features over to 1.2. I always wished someone could figure out why my newer backhand code and balance wouldn't work lol.
  3. Hey James, if you know any group or coders or anyone that wants to continue the primary development, let us know. I may be watching over the Mod off and on for a while. I just need to get in contact with the team again.
  4. Hey Koke and and long time OJP veteran CF Clan. I'm not really sure what the status of the OJP team is right now. I've had MS messenger problems and even when I do get on, Maxstate and Darth Die usually are not around at the time. The JKE forums are obviously down for now because of Webhost changes. I'm hoping they will try to use this forum for the time being. Whatever happens, we appreciate your support over the years.
  5. Aww I got an award?! I'm starting to miss using this forum.
  6. Yeah I'm not sure whats going on with the new forums or teh primary team right now but I wil put my 2 cents in here. The first idea: Not sure about that. If they did that they might have to use a button that is already assigned have it double at a pickup button. We're running out of buttons to use as it is. Second idea: I like the spirit of this idea (reminds me of Crysis), but I'm not sure how doable it will be for balance sake. For a gunner to take down a Jedi it usually takes vast amounts of skill with one weapon or average skills with several. Most beginning plays find they stand a chance if they use multiple weapons and items a certain way against a Jedi, but often they run out of ammo and need all the help from multipe weapons they can get. If it was retooled for balance sake, then maybe, but that will be rather difficult. The second you let a gunner have a saber with out a major tradeoff, it destroys any chance of a Gunner only person being balanced against the others. Third idea: That would be cool if we had it just for the sake of having it, but I can't see how it would add much given how JKA is set up. If there was better stealth shadowing in the game I would be all for it, but thats alot of coding and animation to add for something that is not that useful...at themoment, I'm not even sure who is still around for coding and animation :/ I'm becoming out of touch with the team :'( OJP team - Might be a good idea to make an announcement about using this forum for now until the other one is back up. I can make it if needed. I think I still have admin here.
  7. Hey Kurgan! You sound like you have a strange problem there. You've tried everything I can think of. Its sounds like corrupt files, but you seems to have addressed that already. This is a question for Razorace. I don't think anyone from the currant OJP has done anything to OJP basic or a year or two so I doubt they will be able to help much. In other news, sadly for OJP Enhanced (now Jedi Knight Enhanced) the team is losing interest and will probably retire after the next release to work on another project. I've been mostly retired myself, but I'd hate to see it go. If you know any good coders who like ojp enhanced and want to take up working on it, let me know. It has a pretty decent following these days compared to previous times. Heh, I got an award while I was away! Woo hoo!
  8. Welcometo the OJP community. Have fun with your rping, but please don't neglect action gaming and learning proper OJP combat...and for the love of all that is holy don't lock your friggin server when you guys aren't rping! I swear there are days when I look at the server list of half locked rp servers and I wish we had taken Renegade's(creator of MB2) advice and not had FFA! but then I remember that how much you guys are helping our mod to show numbers and participation and I relax Anyways, its best to have at least one tabbot on your server while it is not rping. that usually brings someone in and eventually others join as they do with my server. Anyways, have fun and don't pester the OJP team about emotes until you come up with a valid non rp reason for having them LOL
  9. ok, I've tried it and it doesnt seem to work every time. if there is a way to consistantly get out of it aside from saber break, that information should be passed along and we may not have to fix it. since it is kinda cool looking when it works it can kinda be done as well after a attack parry which is the bigger concern though, so there better be a way to get out of it aside form saber break
  10. The two I almost always use: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Chuck_Norris;89144 http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Captain_Jack_Sparrow;22619
  11. aww thanks guys. Its all been an honor and a partial fulfillment of a dream of mine to help create a game the way I and others believe it should be played... and I didnt even need a CS degree! Don't worry too much, I'm not stepping down completely I'm just taking a big step back so the mod can be more open to progression with out worrying too much about what I think since I'm not around to talk to anyways XP I'll do a more official "I'm outta here" post when my time runs out completely. I'll lend a hand when I can, but just don't expect me making any deadlines with anything I swore I wouldnt leave OJP until our mod became very popular and well respected enough to prosper and when I saw OJP beat out JA+ on the most downloaded file at jk3files a few days ago, I felt we're on the right track enough to for me to step back a bit at least (and my severe reduction in time). Theres still work to be done though, and I'll help with what I can, just not in the limelight like I could a year ago.
  12. Hey everyone. As you've noticed I havent been around much at all lately. My social life has kinda taken over my computer life and probably for the better. I'm also moving again and I'm not sure how much decent internet access I'll have anymore...probably just slow wireless I'll still promote and train and discuss design ideas with the team when I can. But As far as our co-leadership setup right now, I dont think I'll be around enough to really make a solid leader of this mod as its starting to get noticed (its like the number 2 or number 3 download on jk3files! woot!). Max, as far as I'm concerned, you have the lead on design for the time being and you've been doing a great job of it so far. I would like to request a few things of you but we'll have to discuss that through IM when we can. But if I dont see you much at all, as my friend Andrew would say (always sarcastically whenever he says goodbye for the day) "Godbless. Have a nice life. Call me when you get married. (or if married) Call me when you have kids"
  13. it doesnt matter. OJP basic is completely different code except for a few things. it has nothing to do with enhanced. As far as your problem is concerned I'm no expert on server issues sadly. I just click on the start OJP Enhanced server icon and then start a new game and join my server on the list. With some people though, the only way they can even run a server is to use hamachi.
  14. As I understand it, only djemso now has true deflect. You need djemso and level 3 defense to have perfect or near perfect aim. Same as before, just aim at them and swing.
  15. We're not going to animate and code two new saber styles from scratch. From what I've heard, its way too difficult and time consuming. I think keshire tried once and couldnt finish it. What we might be able to do is mix and match certain saber swings for ataru and Niman kind of like how we did with coding the single saber blocks to work with them. I'm not sure how well this would work though or how fluid the styles would be. ANd no I'm not home yet so don't bother IMing me
  16. I was referring more to his effects and his wanting to make something more tailored to OJP. He custom made a combination of his effects and his own anims desires. Of course the anims are nothingyou ahvent done before...in fact probably most of them are exactly what you did before in different combinations
  17. I've liked everything youve done so far, dont listen to viper (hanks for making this
  18. Your effects RULE dude. Though the smoke effects can slow fps quite a bit since they linger a bit, everything is beautifully done. I think most of us would be honored to have you work with us.
  19. Yeah I heard about this this morning and I was sadened. I only ever agreed with about half of his life philosophies, but he always made me laugh. He will be missing :'(
  20. Yeah I suppose we could do that too if we can get it coded right. While the shaking effect is a bit annoying at times, it works and can be reduced more. I've heard several people say ingame "man this gun has alot of recoil!" that was the point before people where wondering why the hell their gun was firing off in different directions But whatever, if no one likes it we can try it this way.
  21. Hey I really dont have much time so I kind of speed read everything that been written. I'll just point out a few things: Random locks actually happen when yu have the g_saberlockfactor set to 1 or higher. We see it to 0 by default because they where not very fair. I'll have to clearify that in the manual or get rid of it. I still dont understand objections over teh saberlocks and I probably never will. It is an extreme rarety that I get complaints or even dislikings about them my server, and probabky only 5-10% of all veteren fights end with saberlocks kills anyways. Its for visual variaty and its very well balanced. If your not quick enough to break them, or your not quick enough to parry them or dodge them when your critical to avoid the superbreak finishing move, its your own fault. And since theres a penalty for attempting a superbreak when your opponent is not low on DP, its balanced. Maybe, thats up to whoever is making and coding the next hud. Not too bad of an idea. I'd personally like to make the hud in such a way that it gives you more visual and maybe even verbal feedback on what happening to you (so noobs dont get confused as easily) ALot of trainers call these power attacks already and that apart of the original intend when they where first made. I understand your point though, but its realy not taht much more damage that is done. That would jsut be too simple and would make fights (especially for us vets) take forever since it would be a nightmare trying to break through parrying. It may seem hard to you being a beginner, but even with the system as it is now, a noob breaking through a veterens parrying is like trying to break through a brick wall with a little hammer When vets fight they have to use alot of tricky angles in order to the opponent out and make them anticipate wrong Its not ALWAYS blocking. if your hit in a running swing or running and from behind, your dead, and it happens ALOT since people love the extra damage running hits do. Some fsome fights even end with one swing. The reason we dont have a block button (like MB2) is for because its too spammable and it slows down the combat since most systems require you to not be attacking when your holding block. If you allow them to hold block button while they swing, no damage gets done unless you have other inbetween things you can do to raise or low damage. But anyways our system allows you to parry (the true block) while you swing and it makes for some estremely fast action that you cant realy find in a system with a block button. Even if you could conjure up something comparable, we have no desire to change what has been the foundation of this system and has worked for well for far too many of us to want to relearn it. Your in the tiny minority of players who what to change that so its probably never going to happen, sorry. Your always welcome to post ideas, but when it comes to ideas changing a time tested sabersystem, you better really know what your taking about and giving it a good enough run to say you'll never like certain parts of it. If you had posted a year and a half ago anout these things, things might have been different since we where still planning. that planning has worked very well thus far. anyways I've written way too much for the amount of time I have. Later
  22. Gah. Tanq, I guess we're going to have to get use to this kind of thing. The mod is expanding fast and over the years we gotten more than a few impatient ingame players who make the same kind of ignorant presumptions without any training or proper reading of the manual (which does have a few errors but nothing game recking. Heck some of the best players in OJP learned just from the manaul). I'm guessing we have more to come. Anyways ytmh, just about eveybody who I've trained to use this system (about 100 or so) end up agreeing that its is VERY balanced and well made and most ended up saying for a while at least (many left because of lack of players). OJP sabercombat is time tested and hardcore jka saberist approved. Those few they didnt think so either had severe ADHD and couldnt focus long enough to learn anything, or they where dogmatic supporters of JKA jump around and swing wildly without every purposefully blocking sabering and where too insulted that we would divert from their sacred gameplay without using an traditional all around block button (parrying is this mods offical block and walking sort of the lesser manual block). Man thats a big sentence The fact is, OJP does saber/sword combat in a way that has never been done before so it is not something you can just figure out ingame as most players think they can. Its really not that complicated either, there are only 4 new moves, a few cool exploits, and a new general sabering concept. We have enough veterens and new moderate level converts to tell us our system is just fine. You knoweth not what you speak. Learneth it first and speaketh again if thou art wise.
  23. I like the stances alot, but when I put it in my juyo swing animations now have some slight animation freezes like they have in the past. I may have to put the old ones back in
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