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  1. Obi-Wan is already dead, remember?
  2. I may be wrong, but was the City-Planet not slated to be in Star Wars: A New Hope? At least, Coruscant was supposed to be in Return of the Jedi, and it was most definately a City-Planet at the time. So no, Zahn did NOT create the City-Planet. He created the name. Simple as that. Secondly. Star Wars was never meant to be a true Sci-Fi. It's a Space Opera, meaning it does not care about all that scientific mumbo-jumbo, it is in it for the people, the development of characters, and the sake of a good story. Thirdly. I don't get your "Set in Stone" thing. George Lucas had the vision of Star Wars from the beginning. THAT was set in stone. Those little novels were not. They were allowed to be changed simply because they conflicted with the original, GEORGE LUCAS version of Star Wars. He had at the beginning the idea of Star Wars being Anakin's story. He had the ideas of the Clone Wars, and all that. He did not forsee Heir to the Empire, and all subsequent books. Therefore, at the end of the day, if George Lucas wants to alter the course of events to suit HIS vision, then so be it. It is he who created Star Wars, it's his story. You wouldn't want someone to tell YOU what to write and what not to if you were writing a novel, would you? Fourth Point; I don't really see why people hate the storylines of the Prequels. Albeit, Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman cannot act these parts very well, the Storyline is exceptional.
  3. This is a misconception. They did have clones at the time of Episode 4 - 6. The cloning vats from Kamino were destroyed, granted, but (I cannot remember the source, but there was a great debate about this, which I was apart of...) there were Clones of many different DNA strands in service of the Empire. Therefore, the statement that they did not use Clones is erroneus, however, altering the statement to say they did not produce any of Jango's clones would be acceptable. Think about it. Why wouldn't the Empire use clones? We already know that the Emperor loved those cloning vats on Byss; he kept thousands of cloned bodies of himself there if he should ever die. Pretty Freaky.
  4. Perhaps you would like to play the game once again; the Empire fights the Rebels. Maybe you didn't watch Star Wars Episode 3, when the Republic turns into the Empire. Pretty hard to miss that... I really think at the beginning of the Galactic Conquest, the Empire has the advantage with the Acclamators and such. But later in the game, Rebellion has the upper hand. Mon Cal > ISD for the battle of the capitals, and you have the Ion Cannon that > Hypervelocity Cannon later in the game, but for mid game, I do believe the Empire dominates with Boba, the VSD, and the Broadsides.
  5. Chances are if the planets are in the map, then they would have a ground map in them. Heck, they're even placing a Bespin map in, so why not Utapau?
  6. Edward James Olmos wins for me. His voice, even in Battlestar Galactica, has that... authoritative, "I'm going to kick your ass so fast your head can spin" kind of voice. He'd be a great voice for an evil guy. Or a good admiral. Yes, his voice does work as Adama as well.
  7. When exactly did he face off against Vader? I remember Xizor trying to subvertly destroy Vader, like killing Luke, etc. I never remember Xizor going into open conflict with Vader. Why would he? He was the Emperor's friend; he had nothing to gain inciting a war between the Black Sun and the Empire. And there has, as of late, been no correlation between Tyber and the Black Sun. So yes, I believe his storyline perception IS correct. I also believe it not to be very pliable that the Empire would allow their most POWERFUL Star Dreadnought to fall into the hands of Pirates; the Empire may have been sloppy, but not that sloppy.
  8. After all the publicity for the Eclipse, I HIGHLY doubt they would allow the Eclipse to phase out of the game as the Venator did.
  9. Kaminoan Cloning facilities were seized by the Empire, and in turn stopped the production of clone troopers, if I am not mistaken. Was it not moved to Byss?
  10. Ah. I completely forgot about that fact. I thought of it as a ship, instead of one of those weapons. My bad. XD
  11. There could be a campaign mission of Darth Vader returning to the scene of the crime, too. That'd be cool. Although... he'd be really mad.
  12. I say it again; I doubt any units would be replaced.
  13. Doesn't the Death Star 2 have the ability to destroy capital ships though? That would suggest it being in the active plane.
  14. What did you mean by that? If you meant the model doesn't look finished, that's the way the Death Star 2 looks. Re-watch ROTJ. (: But if you meant the sizing, then yeah, that's certainly not even real. Or maybe it's on a lower or higher plane of its own, so that ships could fly without being inconvenienced, while still participating in the battle.
  15. I doubt that any units will be replaced in this expansion. I really don't like the thought of the Eclipse in the expansion; it seems more like they're trying to draw everyone back with the big toys, but failed to see that introducing TWO new Super Star Destroyer classes is overkill, in my opinion. Besides, the Eclipse should even be there. If it were there in the movies, the Rebellion would have been crushed, no doubt.
  16. You have misinterpreted the role of the Nebulon-B. They are not constructed to be medical ships; quite the opposite. The Rebels converted some of them into medical ships because they have no medical base themselves. They were constructed to compliment the heavier Star Destroyers of the Imperial fleet, and were stolen or secretly given to the Rebel alliance.
  17. The site doesn't LOOK any different...
  18. Actually...look at The Sims 2. It took them about one year to release an expansion pack. Remember that E3 is not necessarily a launch pad for new releases, but a "Heads Up" on current projects in the making. I wouldn't deem it too early. (: My two cents.
  19. ...I use it during Instant Action. You have to use if while targetting one of your own men. He will start following you until he dies. YAY FOR FOLLOWERS~
  20. Can I remind that in Episode Three the Venators and the CIS ships were all adjacent to eachother? They all fired broadside against eachother. Therefore, I only think it is correct that some Star Wars ships, like the Nebulon B design, must broadside, because it would be impossible for batteries on the sides of the Nebulon B to fire forward.
  21. I just don't think it'll be as exciting as Clone Wars. There's only so much excitement that you can have with one major conflict, the Battle of Endor. Even that was...woah, 15 minutes and it was over. Whereas...Clone Wars... (Taken from Wikipedia) # * 4.1 Early campaigns * 4.2 Dark Reaper crisis * 4.3 Defense of Kamino * 4.4 Further campaigns * 4.5 Conquest of Muunilinst * 4.6 Capture of Mon Calamari * 4.7 Battle of Dantooine * 4.8 The defense of Ilum * 4.9 The Battle of Hypori # 5 Year two (21 BBY-20 BBY) * 5.1 Capture of Brentaal IV * 5.2 Haruun Kal Crisis * 5.3 The war drags on * 5.4 Battle of Jabiim * 5.5 The Battle of Aargonar * 5.6 Escape from Rattatak * 5.7 Conquest of Duro * 5.8 Victory versus Bulwark # 6 Year three (20 BBY-19 BBY) * 6.1 MedStar * 6.2 The devastation of Honoghr * 6.3 Atrocities of Grievous * 6.4 Republic terrorism * 6.5 Victory on Praesitlyn * 6.6 Dreadnaughts of Rendili * 6.7 Outer Rim Sieges # 7 Final campaigns (19 BBY) * 7.1 The hunt For Darth Sidious * 7.2 The Battle of Coruscant * 7.3 The Battle of Utapau * 7.4 The Battle of Kashyyyk ...): Much more excitement. AND JEDI. ;D
  22. I just read my message, and when I said "EPISODE VI+" I mean... Beyond Episode 6. XD Just to clear that up.
  23. Sorry, but I don't think half the people who only saw the movies know who Kyle Katarn is, or Mara Jade. And I honestly don't think they would recognize the Pirate Frigate as being an Action IV Transport. There is only one view of the EU World: the StarWars Databank EU. If it is in the databank, it most definately happened/existed, etc. If it is in the Databank, it is game for the Empire at War series. Having said that, I don't think the developers would worry too much about EU right now, as they have the Prequel trilogy to pick from, and Episodes V and VI, and the Clone Wars television series. So, I don't think any EPISODE VI+ Expansions are coming anytime soon, if ever.
  24. I find that the Mon Calamari Cruisers beating the Imperial Star Destroyers is a little absurd. Sure, the Mon Cals have two shield generators, but shouldn't the Empire have the superior technology? I have always found that the Corellian Corvette owns the Tartan, the Nebulon B Frigate owns the Acclamator, and so on. Shouldn't it be the other way around? That would really force the Rebellion to use their fighters, and reserve any precious battleships until they are really needed. Give their fighters MAJOR advantages over the TIE Fighters, not just hyperdrive and shields. And don't make them cannon fodder, either. I am more apprehensive about using the X-Wings since I have to pay for them, but TIEs come free.
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