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  1. dark side for some reasen i canr play light side dark is just in my nature
  2. microsoft said that they wil not make anymore games for the xbox and fully gooing for the xbox 360 gr spawn
  3. sorry gramatics arent that good gr spawn
  4. whitch do you like better the sith or the jedi to kill or to protect to take or to give to extort or to be modest gt spawn PS. sorry for my english they dont teatch big words at school
  5. i think they should go to other planets posibley a other galaxie its just not interesting anymore i mean you've bean there 2 times or at least on someplanets (dantooine, korriban and i dont remember the other one) but if korriban is there i demand a better and a sith acaddamy kotor2 just lost the interest ik korriban whith the sith acadamy and defenetley Delaria (Revan's Homeworld) i just like al sith lords so i want so see there planet gr spawn(ps malak rules)
  6. i think you should be able to select what you are after you configure your character new face some skil and go to jedi acadamy or sith acadamy after the intro level so you can start evil or good and ga for it not start good and stay good or turn evil and never start a light saber like in kotor 2 i mean come on you play half the game shooting and fighting with vibro blades so it should be named star wars 50% knight of the old republic 50% a nobody (star wars 50%kotor50%an) and something new kotor 2 is and skin over kotor 1 and in 1 you had a mission search for the star forge whats the point in kotor 2 find the last of the jedi and kill them or save them with some old bitch nagging about everithing you do??? gr spawn
  7. but the game dousn't have to be from bioware kotor 2 wasn't from bioware but kotor 1 was better then 2 in my opinion but i think they should let you choost where to go after the intro the jedi academy or the sith academy i always end up evil anyway gr spawn
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