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  1. Wii ? WTF ?! What was wrong with 'Revolution' ?
  2. Yeah, that sounds good Link ? Yeah, that was freaking sad I felt especially sad for Scorch, as Sev was his pod brother and all
  3. Yeah, it's also been snowing here in the NW of England !
  4. Well, since there was no neutral option, i chose light side
  5. Name: Not telling........not telling.......... Location: Britain Age: 16 Gender: Female Job/ occupation: Jedi Knight (i wish ! ) Force Alignment: Im sort of Grey/ Light, mostly Grey, though
  6. I'd be a Grey Jedi (neutral), like Jolee, but if i had to choose, i'd pick Jedi
  7. I'm thinking of having a piccy of Commander Cody:http://starwars.wikicities.com/images/thumb/9/93/180px-VD_cody.jpg for a sig. (sorry, that's the best picture of Cody that i could find -_-)
  8. 1. Find out that Star Wars exists so i can go to the Star Wars universe and train as a Jedi ! 2. Unlimited wishes 3. An ARC-170 fighter ! ^_^
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