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  1. Diegooooo!!!!

    What's crackin fellow knight?

    Long time no talk and stuff.

    How's it going?

  2. I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining my Rp Heroes of Nentir Vale. I'm having some trouble getting it off the ground, and I could use another person or two onboard.



  3. Anyone played Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II recently? I installed this last night, because I remember liking this game a lot in the past and I wanted to play it again. My thoughts on the game in 2008 are below. I've just finished playing the light side version of this game, without cheating (well, except for the health/armour cheat) and despite the fact the game sometimes crashes after saving and the live action cutscenes have black pixels on them, it's still a great game after all these years. Why? - Storyline: Brilliant. Certainly put a lot more effort than the two sequels. - Graphics: Not as good as the next two games, but at least it isn't off-putting like Dark Forces (I still can't play that, because the graphics for that game gave me a headache). - Levels: Each of them get better with each playthrough. - Villians: A lot more interesting than Desann, Tavion or the Disciples of Ragnos, that's for sure. Jerec scared me (okay, I was seven or eight when I first played the game) and each of the Dark Jedi were great characters. I remember liking Yun and Sariss a lot. So has anyone else played this recently? I'm tempted to play the dark side again (I used to think the ending for that was quite good) and of course, play Mysteries of the Sith.
  4. Here are the certain party members that I find useless: HK-47: Granted, he's funny, but as a party member, I didn't use him. It doesn't help that he's broken for the first half of the game. G0-T0: T3-M4 is much better and a lot more useful. Plus, HK is the better dark side droid. Visas: Pointless party member. That and a general bias I have against the character. Other than that, I pretty much use everyone.
  5. Either a vote between Family Guy (which I haven't watched for ages) or King of the Hill. I'm going to go with King of the Hill (other). The Simpsons got boring after Season Five and Futurama is quite good, but I prefer the other two animated shows above. American Dad, I haven't seen enough of, mainly from the later series.
  6. Me too. He is by far, a much better writer for Doctor than Davies is. He's the modern day Robert Holmes. Oh and when I watched Silence in the Library last week, I had this crazy theory that the woman who knew the Doctor, was Susan (his grand daughter), who had finally regenerated. I know it goes against being the last Time Lord, but it is possible.
  7. Another vote for the Jedi Exile. One, he/she is more interesting, with a better backstory and in fan fiction, very easy to write for. Two, s/he's not a sterotypical Sith Lord like Revan is.
  8. I've only played The Emperor's Tomb, so that's my favourite and I like the plot and how it shares similarities of the Indiana Jones Trilogy (can't see any for Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls).
  9. I think several characters were quite cool: T3-M4: This little droid is really likeable in the sequel and is actually useful, when compared to the first game. Atton Rand: Like Han Solo, cool and likeable. Kreia: One of the most well-thought out characters ever made in a Star Wars game. Handmaiden: A very good fighter. Mira: A very good bounty hunter. Also, for a cool Miraluka, I'd go for Jerec anyday. Visas is boring, for me.
  10. And original characters are characters made by us.
  11. Upon entering a cantina, which Brent himself visited very often (meaning everyday), he heard the news about a suspicious character, Jack Goren. Typical Jedi, Brent thought angrily, as he pushed through the crowded cantina, so he could order his drink, always attention seeking, no matter what the situation. It was a harsh opinion, but Brent couldn't care less. In this galaxy, you had to look after number one. Yourself and yourself only. Brent sighed, as he saw someone getting thrown out by two bouncers. Someone, no matter what they had or hadn't done was thrown out. Tonight was no different and Brent knew that there would be more following the someone being thrown out. After so much effort, Brent finally made his way over the counter, much to the annoyance of the punters. In particular, one person was very annoyed with him. This was normal. "Oi!" the annoyed someone shouted, "Stop pushin'!" He pushed Brent backwards, knocking several glasses to the floor and in some cases, spilling glasses with exotic drinks, such as Juri Juice and Correlian Ale over many disappointed people. And it was because of this, a riot started. Brent didn't care. He had a problem with the someone who had started it. "Listen sonny!" Brent yelled over the riot, "I didn't push in, you've just been drinking too much!" "No, I..." the man argued, hicupping and stumbling from side to side, "You..." The bouncers that had thrown someone out before walked over to Brent. "Okay old man," one of them began sternly, "You've caused a disturbance of the peace." Disturbance of the peace? Hadn't them or anyone else noticed that rioting was quite common? "No, I haven't," Brent replied angrily, "I've just come in here for a drink and it isn't my fault that someone can't hold their ale." "Sure you have," the second bouncer replied, grabbing Brent's arm and twisting it, as well as kicking the behind of his knees, "Now out, before we take serious action." Brent couldn't do anything. With no way of fighting back, he allowed himself to be thrown out into the dirty streets, vunerable to the possible threats there. "I really need to get away from Coruscant soon," Brent told himself, as he limped away.
  12. I've finally seen it and I think it is a good film and my favourite Indiana Jones film, with The Last Crusade. There was only one mistake with the film:
  13. When I first bought the game, I did Dantooine, Korriban, Dxun/Onderon and Nar Shaddaa. On future plays, I then did Dantooine, Dxun/Onderon (or was it Nar Shaddaa first?) and Korriban.
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