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  1. Well, I solved my problem through a LOT of trial and error troubleshooting. Seems that my Energizer battery backup program, when resident in memory, is causing the hypersensitivity. If I disable the program, the game runs fine. If it's loaded, major problems. So, I just disable the Energizer program when I want to play SWBF2. It's still annoying, and a bug, that this is the only game or program that has this problem. Hopefully, a patch might fix this issue . . . indirectly, I'm sure.
  2. Jeesh, looks like I posted too soon. After two days of playing the game the way it is supposed to be using the NO CD patch, it started acting up again today, unprovoked, with the mouse hypersensitivity returning. I think my system is haunted. I'll wait for the SWBFII patch to come out in hope that it either directly or indirectly fixes the problem.
  3. Well I MAY have fixed my problem, though in a way I never imagined. Just for fun, I found the NO CD patch for the battlefrontII.exe and the launcher exe, and after applying them (and backing up my old EXE files), the game works perfectly. This is odd, given that I'm installing off the original 4 CD's, and everytime that I've uninstalled I've cleaned the hard drives and the registry. Oh well, solutions sometimes happen in the strangest of ways. It's also nice not to have to put the darn CD in all the time and have my wife or kids risk tearing it up. See, Lucas Arts, not everyone out there is a pirate!
  4. Thanks, zerted, for your repeated attempts to help me through this one. I appreciate it. Why reeks is that I submitted a case to Lucasarts Tech Support on Saturday, and I've heard nothing back from them (or Pandemic). It is gets corrected, I'll post back.
  5. Well, I disabled HT, rebooted, and the game is still messed up w/ the mouse issue. All my drivers (video, mouse, keyboard, sound, mobo, etc.) are the latest and greatest.
  6. That's correct. No other game or program has any issues whatsoever. I installed a regular ole 3-button scroll mouse today connected to the PS2 port, yet despite this effort, the game still behaved the same way with the old-style mouse. To troubleshoot further, I moved my SB Audigy 2 card to the last PCI slot in my Dell, further away from my ATI X700 PRO PCI-E card, just in case the slight chance there was any interference. Unfortunately, the problem is consistent and still there. I also found another screw-up in the button mappings with all of these "mouse issues." When getting in a turret, I can't use the mouse to move it at all. This wasn't happening when I first installed the game, but it is now. I can still play the game, and use most of the functionality, but issue like the turret and hypersensitive mouse make me wonder WTF? I really am at a loss. I keep wondering if any other background programs are causing the problem. I run Symantec Corp. Antivirus and Zonealarm Pro Security Suite, in addition to having two UPS programs in the background. Because I have also found that if I increase the volume when in the game using my Microsoft Digital Media Pro keyboard, I can lock the game up, I'm wondering if there are any USB issues compounding the problem. It royally pisses me off that this game, and this game alone, has issues. Looks like a rushed product to me.
  7. I recently installed SWBF2 on my PC (Dell Dimension 8400, P4 3.2 GHz w/ HT enabled, 1GB PC-4200 DDR2 RAM, 160 GB HD with 50 GB free, ATI Radeon X700 Pro 256 MB video card with Catalyst 5.11 drivers installed, etc.), and at first, things were working fine. However, a day or two after installation, I noticed that my mouse (a Logitech iFeel Mouseman with Mouseware drivers 9.79.1 installed fresh from Logitech.com) was hyper-responsive, and if I hovered the mouse cursor over any of the buttons in the game, it would automatically select whatever I held it over. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this game 3 times now from scratch, uninstalled Logitech Mouseman drivers, down-clocked my ATI card, but all to no avail. The hyperactive mouse problem now occurs immediately, all the time. Also, by "default", some of the keyboard/mouse buttons become "unmapped" mainly those dealing with turning left/right and strafing left/right. I click the "reset to defaults", but it doesn't work. In the CONTROL options in the game, mouse sensitivity is set at its default level (50 I think), but I still have the same problems with the game if I turn it down. This really is an annoying problem, that I don't have with any other games (and not SWBF1, which ran fine), and my mouse settings are all default settings. I have not tried another mouse, but without the Logitech-specific drivers installed, it should behave as an ordinary mouse, correct? Any thoughts why this could be happening? I sent my problem to Lucasarts, but I'd be shocked to either hear from them or have them solve the problem. I'm really perplexed by the whole problem, and it really is ruining what looks to be a decent game. I can carefully get in and play the game, just anytime I pause it with ESC or mouse click any options, it's a royal pain with the mouse hypersensitivity. Thanks for any help/advice in advance.
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