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  1. You know those little lights on the surface of the death star? they have been shown time and again in screenshots for the game, yet my Death Star does not have any little city lights. Does anyone else have this problem, or does someone know how to remedy this problem?
  2. Check the other thread for my post of the Eclipse Mod. (it's not my mod, however.)
  3. For Forces of Corruption. Hopefully this mod should quench peoples' thirst for the Eclipse.
  4. http://everythingeaw.com/showthread.php?p=823#post823 The Eclipse Mod. You have to be a member of the forums to unlock it. But its damn good nonetheless.
  5. I hope someone Mods the game soon so the Eclipse is available in GC. I'm stuck on the campaign mission where you must release Silri (the Sith Witch) Those Damn Rancors keep killing Tyber and Urai (Lol im a n00b!)
  6. Just Played the V2 Beta- One Word- GREAT. The Ships were great, and the open endedness was too. DSII Kicked ass (But I would have prefered it if you could see it all, but I know why you can't (Because when you fired on space stations with the model, the demo froze) Great work, good luck on V2. May the Force (s of corruption) Be With you Artoo!
  7. Thankyou! you're doing great! (Good luck (Again) )
  8. Are you Still Putting in the Death Star II? I hope you do. Good luck on your hard work!
  9. I take these views back. It seems that blaster and Lightsabre characters equally kick butt. I found out a cool lightsabre character move where you leap behind the foe and slash.
  10. Yes. Compare Lego Star Wars to the Lego Star Wars II Demo. LSW: All Lightsabre Characters are super athletic, spinning about and slashing things. LSWII: Lightsabre Characters are slow, inaccurate and hardly athletic. LSW: All lightsabre characters have more moves than Blaster characters. Blaster Characters seemed to be underpowered compared to Lightsabre characters, e.g Where Lightsabre characters block blaster bolts, blaster characters cannot. LSWII: The Tables have been turned! Once Powerful warriors, Lightsabre characters are now underpowered when compared to the blaster characters. The only redeeming feature is that they have cool force moves and can do double jumps. Blaster Characters now dodge blaster bolts then fire again! they leap about and fire rapidly upon landing! much better than the rubbish blocking-with-the-sabre-routine. there's my views ^^
  11. FEAR STORMVALO! Can force choke, shoot either rubbishly or great (Depends on his mood). Hows about we post (With our Piccy) our own fan made profile.
  12. I think that the blaster characters in this game completely win me over rather than lightsabres. I found that the lightsabres were slow and not very powerful, whereas blasters are much more powerful, and the blaster characters were more athletic. I think that this game is going to be a smash hit!
  13. Soon I will be Grand Moff of the Second Death Star, At Last I will Have... Revenge. Anyway, What Will you Do? 1) Use the Death Star II as a Pretty Background Feature 2) Blow up some Rebel/Corrupt Scum 3) Blow Up Planet 4) Use It to It's Full Potential- Blow up the planet, and some enemy Scum I want to know, How long will it take for the Superlaser to Recharge? How many times will you be able to blow up capital ships? If you've blown up the planet already, will you still be able to blow up capital ships? So many questions on a PWNing Death Star II...
  14. Well in the E3 Video, There still is the Death Star Activation Lever. I speculate that The DSII can still blow up planets. It'd Better. I was never a fan of Land Battles anyway. I prefer to sit back, press a button and BLOW A WHOLE PLANET AWAY!
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