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    Grey Jedi in search of answers.
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    Returning home after a long se
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    Repairing droids and creating new programs for them.
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    Currently not in good standing with the Jedi Order.
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    Knights Of The Old Republic 2
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  1. I have to say I've started playing Guild Wars since my last post. It's not bad and it's free!
  2. There's plenty of options when looking for an affordable gaming computer. You could build one yourself, as already mentioned, or find a company that builds custom gaming computers. I did and now I have a laptop fully capable of running TOR without breaking a sweat.
  3. TOR will not be on consoles. Get over it already!
  4. Losing items when you die is a good idea. Losing items like medipacks or spare lightsaber parts is fine, but I don't think you should lose key/quest items if you die. Once you get those, you have them for the rest of the game.
  5. It would be awfully difficult for them to pull that off in a MMO. But who knows, anything is possible.
  6. Yes, it will be. Never been interested in any other MMO.
  7. Eh, what ever. Not that interested in body customization. Whatever they come up with will be fine.
  8. Armor similar to what Obi-wan wears in the new Clone Wars show would be O.K. But I'm more of a robes kind of guy.
  9. All that we all can hope for is that TOR will be closer to KOTOR as far being a quality game, and not closer to SWG. Keep all your fingers crossed!
  10. Um, I think Atton referred to Nal Hutta as the "arm pit of the galaxy", in Kotor2.
  11. It's not as bad a slime pit as Atton made it out to be.
  12. Anyone think the next vid will be a detailed look at Korriban?
  13. TOR will be PC only, online MMO. Period. No console support. No single player mode. Sorry.
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