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  1. UGH. The english version ruined it all for me somehow too
  2. Wow, I didn't know they sucked that much...
  3. Haha same. My favorite would be Boba Fett,I just dont like jango for some reason
  4. Thanks,like fer-shizzle bo-sizzle to you too! (even though I dont know what that means )
  5. Thanks,I had a feeling that it was there but it didn't seem like I was getting critical hits when I was looking for it.
  6. Name: Quintin(call me quinn though) Age: 13 Location: Canada Ocupation: student gender: male species: alien/human hybred Hobbies: hockey,video games(my favorite video games would have to be halo 2(which I play secretly at my friends house lol)and star wars battlefront 2),drawing and reptiles
  7. Name on site:quinnerino Name in game:quinnerino Platform(s):Xbox Position(s) you want to play:sniper/normal trooper (depends) Contact info:just send me a friend request or PM me Extra info: I'm doing reaally good in-game and just started playing on live EDIT:I won't be able to play 'till after the march break but I will still exept PM's
  8. I'd like to see a different gun model for the clone's shotgun because it looks exactly the same as the clone trooper's rifle(not sure about the others)
  9. I cant seem to find the critical hit point on Spider Walkers. Where is it?
  10. Haha I could imagine ewoks with lightsabers
  11. I'd like it to be a tiny bit more like star wars republic commando.It would be better (in my opinion) that you could pick up other weapons then just having the 2 or 1 (in the engineer's,pilots' ect. case)weapons that you have.Plus melee would rock too
  12. There is an aiming HUD in the Xbox version...which one are you playing?
  13. Yeah ,me too but I always play in 3rd person when in vehicles
  14. What do you play in? I just got this game this afternoon and I like to play in both so far.
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