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  1. /signed I want a remake of Rebellion. That had diplomacy and character missions. They could change EAW into Rebellion quite easy I would think.
  2. ZC is a decent concept, but they seem to be overpowered. The Corruption and endless Sabotage is annoying. The script will allow you to cancel the AI from doing one of either of these two things, or both. I think the AI cheats when it comes to money to pay for all the Sabotage and Corruption spreading. Testing with the ZC on only one planet with a special set up, they can seem to 'magically' spread Corruption quickly with no apparent money.?? The AI cheats by making these 'magic' garrisions and thing too?? I tried to control how fast the 'sleep time' for a Corruption or Sabotage planet mission would happen, but it does not seem to matter. You can, as said above, remove one or the either, or both out the AI lua script very easy.
  3. Someone posted how to re-enable the original EAW campaigns to work with the new FoC expansion rather easy with renaming the file 'Single Player Galactic Campaign' file XML. I just forgot where I read it at here on this forum.
  4. You must use the tool Meg Extractor to decompress them out of the Config.meg archieve. You can finds the tool here on this website. Then look at a regular XML map. Alot of practice, and make your own galaxy.
  5. If the AI is controling the Garm, I used plain citizens to kill him. I massed a bunch onto him, he use his special ability which drains his shields, then a backup contigent of citizens ran up and fired on his exposed shield hard point. Rinse and repeat. No more Garm. Works on a human player if you can goud him into using the special ability. Especailly near a Turret.
  6. I made one for the Equal Footing map GC. Empire vs Rebel only. I have only one starting planet for each, and pirates on other neutral worlds to slow down the land rush. Many mods can be made, but until a decent patch is out...well we are all waiting before serious modding. I myself have beefed up the X-Wing to make it worth something...gave it better shields about 25% and a higher refresh rate. I think it could use a pair of concusion missles to boot. I see the Empire new fighters just run over the Rebels, and it is *not really fun* to play. A boost to Rebel fighters would go a long way to help the Mon Cal problem verse the Empire ISD now stronger fighters to maintain some kind of balance.
  7. Gallofree is bugged in GC as it is now. You can fix the XML mistake so it will work in GC. I did and I can play with it just fine. IF you meant bugged as you cannot build it after you steal it for FoC version 1.0: yes. But it is fixeable and I made a post for the fix. It works just fine if you use it. The same goes for the 'Yslamari cage building' speech mixed up with the 'Enemy Fleet Approaching'. It is a small mistake with the wrong WAV file playing after you extract the sfx.meg file. Something like one number being transposed. A person at the Petro boards found and fixed that one. I would say...it has been along time for a patch to fix bugs and balance issues. Have you tried the Gallofree Transport GC fix? It works fine...it was just two things wrong with the XML entry. I happen to find another small but nasty script error bug in Rougue Squadrons XML that may cause them to be be so wimpy in battle...the error would take away the effect of the whole team of six fighters fiighter power and health/shield (effectively making it only 'one' fighter Wedge). After some hex editing, now they kick ass well.
  8. What do you mean exactly? The Rebels tech up just fine to level 5. I even posted a fix in the mod forum to have the Rebel Gallofree Transport actually work at tech 5 also in GC mode. EDIT: if you see this in the maps xml player is Underworld Starting_Credits> Rebel, 8000 </Starting_Credits> Starting_Tech_Level> Rebel, 2 </Starting_Tech_Level> Max_Tech_Level> Rebel, 4 </Max_Tech_Level> Then the Rebels are not meant to get to tech level five in teh 'heart of the Maw' GC map. player is the Rebels !-- Rebel Starting Forces --> Starting_Credits> Rebel, 13000 </Starting_Credits> Starting_Tech_Level> Rebel, 3 </Starting_Tech_Level> Max_Tech_Level> Rebel, 4 </Max_Tech_Level> Yes, it says maxed out. But that is just the default start setting it shows in the Advanced setting menu. But in game, I can still tech up to level 5 stuff by stealling using the Droids.
  9. Petro advice says Turbolaser Towers will counter the Gargantian.
  10. OK I found the other Gallofree Transport mistake. There was another spelling error in that XML file, I changed it, and now it works perfect in GC mode and all forms of tech level starts. Here is what I changed in addition to the above: 1) "The Required Special Structure entry needs to be changed from U_Ground_Vehicle_Factory to R_Ground_Heavy_Vehicle_Factory" and 2) <!-- Non-Hero unit abilities description --> *nits_Abilities_Data SubObjectList="Yes Should read Units where the * is to be a U. The forum will not allow me to post the symbol, or the <> xml stuff. This spelling error is just above the first error. Units_Abilities_Data Now it is fixed and I have proven it. I wonder how well the AI uses this Unit. Next, I am beefing up that worthless 'rapid-fire' gatling gun for the Rebel MDU.
  11. I tried that fix. It makes sense. As it is now, I can only build the Gallofree unit in Skirmish Land Mode, not Galactic Conquest Mode. UNITS_LAND_REBEL_GALLOFREE_HTT.XML So if you do as you say, I get a XML Parsing Error as the game EXE starts up. Still no Gallofree unit. It will not work. Have you had any success with this, or am I doing something wrong?? Is there more to it?
  12. Luke is in the FoC expansion. Mara and Kyle is not in the Foc GC maps AFAIK. I saw Kyle as the Rebels in the Skirmish maps. I have not seen the Gallofree transport unit for the Rebels yet in GC mode, only Skirmish. Even though R2D2 can steal the tech in GC mode, it never shows up to build. The is an unusual XML entry for a pre-request to build the new FoC Gallofree unit, but is says U_Vehicle Factory which of courser is wrong -I think Petro knows it. I try to enable it for GC, but I get a parse XML error. Conclusion is the new Rebel unit is bugged or they only want for Skirmish, Petro wrote it out on purpose, to meet a deadline to shove it out the door. Enemy MPU such as the Empire, will not stop and build a structure of some type -easy cannon fire. I hope the patch will fix it, I grow very tired of buying buggy releases. I waited two months to buy this expansion. I wanted the DVD version -but found it on sale for only 15 USD at Best Buy CD rom two disk version (figured what the heck it is cheap). Petro, you have a good thing going - please I hope fix these things. Else PC gamers are going to just stop... no more trust.
  13. Sure, and if the first map is working...a map pack with different faction combination for all to play against to select from. I think it makes an interesting gameplay.
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