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  1. Lol that ain't technical babble to me...yet. Well,what you said may be relevant but I cannot figure out where the bottle neck is.I have RDRAM which is supposed to be quite fast,and I have a 1.7Ghz P4 computer.Finally,I think I'm running on medium textures I think.I have a GeForce FX 5500,256Mb.With all these I simply can't figure out why this should happen. Moreover,the game wouldn't even start on my friend's laptop who has better components than mine.Anybody? Thanks.
  2. Eh?I've only got a +3 to Strength when I mastered the Light Side.
  3. Bah.I know that a 256Mb RAM rig is not a good one to play KotOR2 with,but I am stuck with no upgrade options at the near future.So this is the deal. Two of my friends have computers with 256Mb of RAM and have installed TSL.But whenever they fire up TSL,they generally cannot run the game.One has gotten as far as character selection,and another has got the error message almost immediately.What's wrong with their computers? As for myself,I get the same message,but mine comes only when I'm playing.I was infiltrating the Serroco territory when the darned message appeared.I was like,what the heck,I've hosted bigger battles than this before,like the escape from Onderon(during the first visit.).Finally,I chose not to infiltrate the base and attack the Jungle Tomb instead.Started the battle with the boma beasts,and the same errors came.What I can't understand is,I've ran the game perfectly before,why do these errors come now,and why do they *always* come during a battle,and sometimes even before battles are done.Please help!! Thanks. *edit*:Whoops,I didn't know this didn't belong to the Padawan Lounge.To the mod who moved this/user who spotted this,thanks a lot.
  4. Hey...I ran out of medpacs,I ran out of FPs,and for some strange reason I didn't know how to summon my party members.All alone and stranded,without any protection,the wisest thing would be to flee.And since I assumed it could be done later,I fled to the restoration zone. Anyway now what can be done?Thanks.
  5. Owch.To manually sift through the whole list would be...akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. Anyway thanks a lot,guys.After all,items are randomly placed.Already I got another Zeison Sha Initiate Armour.
  6. OMG.I messed up with the Ithorians big time.I received a call from Moza informing me about the Mercenary attack.I tried to help,but a lone Jedi can't do much to Mercs who can strike for 10+ damage per hit.After one round of healing,I couldn't take much more damage so I fled into the Restoration Zone,thinking that I can come back to Telos later to help 'em. Come back to Telos I did.Help out the Ithorians I did,cleaned out the house,but Moza wouldn't give me the key to open Chodo Hadat's room!He doesn't even seem to be aware of the mercs' attack(no conversation options)!!! Well nevermind that.But I'm supposed to see Chodo Hadat to talk about Batono.So now what do I do?Is there a way to open this door using some obscure cheat? Thanks a lot.
  7. Major spoiler alert. As a Male Exile,who do you get to pursue romance options?Atris,Visas,or *the* Handmaiden?Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. But I don't really like the use of mods when I'm playing the first time through.Maybe after I finish as Oscar Eto'o-lene. Anyway,I know that items are randomly placed in TSL.I only just got another Jal Shey Neophyte armour that I already have.But I would like to know a full list of armours that do not restrict the use of force powers.Thanks.
  9. So far I've yet to have the full list but,luck upon luck,I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Jal Shey Neophyte Armour on Samhan Dobo at a steal price of only 600 credits.Needless to say,I snapped it. But I need to know where are the others.When I recruit more Jedi,they'll be needing them.Thanks in advance.
  10. Erm,I don't mean to sound detrimental to your hopes,but I'd say stay your hand(to type) because whatever they are,you can only hope,and LucasArts will never,ever listen to you.Unless their head dev happens to be your buddy.A close one.Nevertheless it is good to talk about your aspirations for KotOR 3.When I finish the game I'll continue to rant about *my* aspirations for KotOR3.
  11. Rofl thanks a lot for the explanations,Drazin. All along I thought that to build a lightsaber all I need would be the *upgrade parts*,rather than the actual parts themselves.
  12. When playing KotOR1,I used my real(-life) name:Oscar Goh-strictly LS Soldier/Guardian. When in KotOR2,I made a difference:Oscar Eto'o-lene(some soccer fans might see the inspiration,though I like not that particular player)-another strictly LS Guardian/Weapons Master. Some students inclined to science may also see that Eto'o-lene sounds like Ethylene(C2H4).It is true-this is where I got my inspiration from.(jeez,geek!)
  13. The sad thing is,Bao-Dur wouldn't want to talk to me(rather,I won't want to talk to Bao-Dur... 1.Never mind. ) What else do I need?I've got the blue saber crystal for colour,I've got a lens,I've got an emitter,maybe even a cell(I'm not so sure about cells but I'm sure I can definitely make one with Bao-Dur),but my character seems too held-back to talk to Bao-Dur.What's wrong?
  14. Gee...thanks...gotta wait till a suitable time to try it out. I could make ion grenades through the workbench/lab station?Never knew that... Uhrm well,yeah,it *does* work if it's not ion...if my characters don't "lose consciousness" first. But thanks guys anyway,I'll try it out first.
  15. There are many factors that compel me to go Light Side:slsaber:,some of which I can remember(there are some that occur to me everyday,but don't expect me to recall them at will),and some I won't.Most apparently,I'll list down those I can recall. 1(The main reason would prolly be):I get to save people.Maybe it's due to my (real-life) physical stature-I am fat and weak and practically defenseless to even take care of myself from attacking people,much less defend the weak.It'd be something to laugh at if I manage to even limp out of "battle".
  16. WARNING:Before plunging deeper into the topic,readers are advised to brace themselves.I,the author,have no idea which parts of this are spoilers and which are not "classified" as spoilers.(help,Mods?Thanks)Please be prepared. I'm kinda getting impatient as to when will I *finally* get my lightsaber.I'm now at Telos,and I've got Bao-Dur already.Kreia keeps on telling me that the knowledge has already been imparted,and I've already learnt Shii-Cho. Question is,exactly on which planet will I get to learn to build a lightsaber?Also,who else and what other things will I ever need before getting one? Thanks.
  17. I'm in the Old Underground base in Telos,and I'm at the part where I must kill the bloody Tank Droid. The catch is this:if I don't seem to have any ion blasters,what can I do?Please do tell me if cheating is the last resort,and what should I do if it is/if it's not. Thanks a lot.
  18. Thanks.This makes for an interesting game once I get my scrawny hands on it.
  19. I saw the shot of the month showing a Jedi(presumably the PC,a DS character) wielding a lightsaber imbued with fire.As far as I know it,lightsabers don't have fire imbued into them.I saw the attack queue on his HUD and saw it resembled a fire lightsaber.Does anyone know what attack this is?Or does the guy have a Barab Ore Ingot inside his lightsaber? Thanks.
  20. Say,does this mod work with OJP or with JA Also,will the mod have blinding as well?Didn't see any mention of it in the main page.
  21. Well,if Raven,or any other developer *were* to make another game to the series,they could really take some suggestions or make some improvements over Jedi Academy.IMHO,JA was a bit too rushed,and,it could use some improvements,some slight and subtle improvements which could significantly increase the immersion level. Also,if it can be done,please change the graphics engine.
  22. I think I'll go for LS Male,because that's the only character I've played for KotOR. I would prefer a Guardian,if you'd ask me.Guardians can cause sooooooooooo much damage whenever you spam Force Wave and use the power of the Lightsaber.Just ask Darth Malak.
  23. But for male PCs,who will be the PC's love interest?Would Krea be a bit too old?
  24. Mmm,I don't think I know how the Star Forge flag look like.Would some one care to enlighten me please?Thanks.
  25. Quite true.The same happened with JO to me. Agreed.A lightsabre,regardless of stance or quantity,should only strike a constant magnitude of damage(unless its intensity has been increased).In fact,lightsabres are supposedly one-shot-kills,and this is one factor that a Jedi Knight game developer cannot,or may not be able to implement in its Multiplayer segment. How?I mean,why do you say dumbed down? Most of the time better players should win,but as we all know,the world is round.Sometimes(be it a fluke shot(in real life,not by our famously ridiculous hit-detection system) or not) weaker players should be able to win some stronger adversaries(like how Obi-Wan managed to destroy Darth Maul in you-know-where)Besides,having the weaker ones win once in a while will motivate them to go for the big boys(and keep on playing at least for that 5 minutes more) Just my 2 cents' worth.
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