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  1. They(Bioware) should also allow us to drop items. Or did they,and I missed it? Please correct me if I'm wrong,ok? Just my 2 cents'.
  2. I remember seeing Lightsabers able to sever limbs and kill with one blow.What do you think about bosses in JA that couldn't be killed with one shot?
  3. I do? Nice post,Kurgan.I agree with you about your post about why people refer to JA as an impure sequel.Actually,IMHO,though a sequel needs not to be *completely* new,the devs should make something that is significantly,or distinctly new,or else they won't be able to attract other non-fan gamers. Siege was wasted in a way,due to the absence of bots...if third-party devs(in simple words:modders:D) are able to produce some simple bots for Siege I don't see why didn't Raven give us some bots for Siege. Also,yes,JA feels really rushed.Raven should have given themselves much,much more time to develop JA...like Kurgan said,given more time JA could(should) be more polished,and would be a much,much better game. Graphics is not a problem for me.(after all,I've only got a GF2MX.) But hit detection needs to be polished,really.I remember this part in JA,where I was playing MP with the bots.I used the heavy single style,and I was slashing downwards when I moved my crosshair to face Tavion(it also happened to Desann,once) mid-way through the slash.And I killed Tavion(and Desann).
  4. Did you believe that?It was just a simple exaggeration. Nevertheless,imho JA was better than JO in terms of gameplay,gameplay,that's all. That is why we need to redeem ourselves with a new,award-winning game.But we shall need Raven in full force though.
  5. About this,I meant,quiet down about the development for Jedi Knight 4.Sorry for the misunderstandings. Now again,what I mean by "flop" is about the quality of the gameplay.Yes,though it is 5 million times better than JO,but the storyline was imho,very separated and the main theme(New Reborns and Cult stories) were not very developed as the main theme in JO was. I loved every bit of JA,nonetheless. At least LA/LEC/Raven should inform us,if they have any,about plans for an upcoming JK4...that'll keep us happy for the subsequent number of years they decide to take to make the next award-winning Jedi Knight game. My kind of idea. I rather that they tie up some of the loose ends in SP. Generally,it is quite interesting to see the Jedi Knight to fight different enemies as in JA but it would be also good if Raven could make the storyline in such a way that each mission had its significance in the main cause that is to destroy this new Cult of Ragnos...at least one idea is like,to show a different cutscene roughly depending on the sequence of which you complete the tiered missions.
  6. Have LucasArts and Raven just decided to quiet down after the relative flop of Jedi Academy? Come on,just because it didn't turn out that well it doesn't mean that another sequel shouldn't come out...this time if they should do another one Raven should come out with a more concerted and more spirited effort that should hold the fans in for more than enough time until the next one comes out. What do you guys think?
  7. Whatever it is,what's the idea in hacking someone's property?Isnt' it criminal?
  8. Brrr.Are you talking about wushu?If yes,then well,no,there's not gonna be no wushu in KotOR2.
  9. I'd enjoy to see him disintegrate into dust after striking the killing blow...really he seems more of a tortured soul than a person bound together by hate...like someone's put a spell onto him not to disintegrate until he has completed a certain task or something like that.Well I'd love to be the one who'd help him achieve inner peace.OK,that's a whole load of crap.
  10. Yeah...I have to agree with Naphtali on this one...the Sith in KotOR just had no depth to their character...they were somewhat...hollow...not truly menacing enough to befit their Sith characteristics.Sith should be much more menacing than that,do you?By the way,if there are facial actions and agressive attacks,they should implement them to the Sith's attacks,since their attacks are all purely hate-based,so they should show much more hate in their attacks.
  11. Is it just me or are the Sith Soldiers attacking the Sith and not you(the PC)?
  12. My first character,(name to be thought of later,tho) will be some impatient,but self-conscious(meaning-disciplined) Jedi. Always the samurai fan,my Jedi will wield one long(right hand),and one short(if still available) lightsaber(left hand).He will be a Jedi Weapons Master in KotOR2. Impatient,quick to anger,but still ever conscious of the dark side and willing to fight the dark side to the end.
  13. Very good idea,but IMHO,this idea will make KotOR2 take, 40GB of disk space instead of 4GB.[No offence.]
  14. If the release date is February 5,it is unbelievable for me because it is simply too early!I thought these guys will take a loooong time to develop a game of true class. Well if Obsidian can develop KotOR2 to perfection within this short time everyone are winners-we,the consumers,for having such a nice game in a short period of time;and the developers,for making a huge sum of money in a short amount of time due to us.
  15. I don't know what's with mine,but with default options my KotOR runs fine in 800*600 with my GF2MX400.I fulfill all of the game's requirements except for RAM and video card,those were yellow,fortunately.My game crashes no more than 10 times(I counted!!).
  16. Eh?I thought it was Flourish Weapon?
  17. For this,Canderous gets my vote. First off,we'll compare things physically.Calo Nord's wearing some stupid swimming goggles,for no apparent reason and a stupid piece of headgear.Canderous,is a no-nonsense guy,IMHO,and he deals with the things how they should. Finally,Calo's dual pistols cannot fight with Ordo's repeating blaster.
  18. I dunno why,but I just seem to have not much trouble dealing with Sith spit like those,except for Malak...maybe it's my soldier/guardian class and my sabers(>33 damage,*2).But if you're really pushed back,use lots of hyper-stims and self-enhancing force-powers.
  19. Same here! LOL,yer damn right,Astrotoy7!Can't Hugh Hefner get tired of his job?And where does he get all his energy from?lol
  20. Yes,I have been noticing the similarities between this one and Morrowind's...except that Morrowind's has slight differences.For instance,the heart of Arkhan can only give god-like powers,like how it did the Tribunal(which collapsed in the end).Dagoth Ur himself died also,IIRC.But the Star Forge,no.It's like a powerful factory that doesn't corrupt(yes,but it promotes civil war.) And besides,there are many discrepancies on how Nerevar died.Some said he was poisoned by the Tribunal(which included Almalexia,Nerevar's own power-hungry wife),some say he was struck down by Dagoth Ur.Whereas,KotOR makes it clear:you were struck down by Jedi and Darth Malak.
  21. Usually,I call myself with my own name,that is Oscar Goh(Soldier/Guardian/Light)-finished the game.As I have a major exam coming up this year,I won't be planning for a second play through until I've finished that exam.
  22. Usually,I call myself with my own name,that is Oscar Goh(Soldier/Guardian/Light)-finished the game.As I have a major exam coming up this year,I won't be planning for a second play through until I've finished that exam.
  23. "My hearing must be no good." "Yes,massster likes tombs,don't he?" Jolee will win,IMHO.His Force Powers will stun Bastila to he11!!!
  24. Well then you must be very lucky,because none of my force powers lasted longer at all when I maxed out on the light side. Also,I noticed,there is a symbol at my party screen,that looked a bit like the Circlet of Saresh(I mean,it's an effect,but it's design looks like the Circlet).What effect is that?I'm a Jedi Guardian.
  25. Although I felt it's quite ok overall all I wanted from that place were: Mantle of the Force Heart of the Guardian Anyway,it's kinda spoilt that I had to brave a round of Sith Fighters just to go there.It's kinda ridiculous,though,having Sith Fighters to guard a space station that's not dragging their attention.But bottom line is,that space station rocks!
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