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  1. actualy..nevermind..i played the games first levels again..some amusing stuff the campers say in the middlew of each one...2 new questions tho.. 1. i remember seeing maloof at the parking lot earlier when playing the game..and mikhail came to save him from bobby..when did this happen? 2. wheres that space girl all the time?...i cant find her..been searching all over camp..hes talking to nils before the whole "brain stealing dr loboto" thing-..but before that..cant find her
  2. thanks for your help..i'm using the pc version..a savegame of all the stages in the game would be cool..i cant find em tho..i did find 1 big zip..but it has weird files in it..not the ones you put in your profile folder...if anyone could send me some saves..id appreciate it:)
  3. seriously..i cant figure this whole milk amn crap out...i mean..all the other characters had a story..and you "cured" them from theyre inzaneness...like fred went inzane by loosing waterloo..and started thinking he was napoleon so he could win it..you had to defeat napoleon to set fred free of his split personality...edgar was appearantly dumped by his girlfriend for another man...making edgar loose hes big match...and starting to paint to escape the memories..but he couldnt..so he went inzane and ..2 theories..either he tried to defeat the cheerleading dude..so he imagined himself as a strong bull who could defeat him..ooor he went inzane by thinking of defeating the "bull" that was the cheerleading dude...gloria ..actualy..i think i understood it all wrong..but heres how i see it...glorias performances were constantly killed by a critiq...turning her inzane and remembering shes past glory...so you had to find the right script to defeat the critiq and make glorias image shine again...gloria wasnt a bad actor..she just needed a good script... but i cant figure out boyd...this milkman stuff...okay..so he went nutz when he lost hes job..then he started thinking everything was a conpiracy?..did you catualy cure him?..all you did was free the milkman who i realy cant understand...and who defeated the cospiracies...so..that made him inzane?
  4. rightio..1. uh..whats up with the point of no return save? it disappeared after i beat the butcher..theres the collectice unconscious save there tho..but i cant use it to get back to camp...so..im kinda screwed here if i wanted to explore the camp some more. 2. uh..is there a way..like a savegame someone could give me..or a cheat or something...that could bring me back to the earlier stages of the game..i heard the kids start saying different stuff after like each brain level..i never did return to the camp after beating shashas shooting gallery
  5. anyone know any "funny" or just "fun" adventure games i could play?..im not realy into dark and mystical games...im searching more of games like grim fandango,monkey island and maybe ewen stupid invaders
  6. i personaly like it alot..it may be the fact that it was one of the first games i ewer played and just the memories of those long nights on melee island..explain to me..why to you think mi was bad?...the fact that i like it may come from the fact that i havent played all the other monkey island games
  7. ...where can i hear this?...the vault?...wheres the vault?
  8. hello there...assuming that this forum aint completely dead..i have question ..ive heard that people can talk to domino when they wake up in the edge of the world...but for me...it does nothing...how can i fix this?..or is there any place i can download the sound file of what he is saying..oh and i also cant talk to him AFTER he locks up meche
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