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  1. when i first heard of this game, i knew the petro guys would be making this 1. i just read a magazine article on the game and it looks cool it also seems that some of the units looked like they spawned from spielberg's "war of the worlds." if any1 has heard of universe at war as of now, what do u think of it so far?
  2. i agree that the eclipse should have been buildable in skirmishes/GC mode. would it be possible to create some type of mod to make it buildable in those modes? that would totally rule
  3. i hope there is 1 currently in the making & there should be the reb & emp campaigns like in the original game:)
  4. its available at best buy today cant wait for it!! also when is battlefront 3 comming out???
  5. the consortium guys r fun to play with. and i totally agree that the veangence frigate is prolly 1 of the coolest units i love the demo. now i want the whole game!
  6. cant wait to get this demo but im at school right now which sux im getting this 1 & the 2142 demo immediately after my day ends. LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!
  7. awesome find yoda will kick so much ass
  8. the AT-ATs should be impervious to EVERYTHING!!!! a few rebel soldier squads can wipe 1 out as if they had the BFG. only the snowspeeder can kill an AT-AT
  9. i think there should be a population cap increase for space battles cuz i think that would make it *more* like the space battles in episode III. this increase could be for multiplay & single play games (including campaigns) & yes i think that gunships should have less hitpoints cuz they r small & weak. and the big guys should not struggle while taking them out. i think arty ships should have some kind of laser defense against ships cuz i hate babysitting them almost every second if an enemy closes in on them also, the interdictor anti-missile field range should be extended a little bit cuz when i got all star destroyers in my fleet, its a bit hard to make sure they stay protected from rebel arty ships cuz they r so big oh ya: MAKE THE DAMN AT-ATS IMPERVIOUS TO ENEMY FIRE!!!! i hate losing those guys to a few damn rebel soldiers. unfair & totally unbalanced:(
  10. yoda would 0wn palpetine just cuz of his crazy beserker skillz and his somersaults & he would say to palpetine: "0wn3d u just been, Emperor. Suck alot u do."
  11. i dont like the Z-95 thing for the rebs cuz Z-95s suck
  12. damn thats sick:) bribing the enemy is the coolest thing for FOC
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