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  1. It's the ten-year anniversary(!) of my first (I think) thread on LucasForums, so I thought I'd give it a damn good bumping, especially since we never got to make much of the prequel trilogy. So, without further ado, have some pants. The Phantom Menace: Attack of the Clones: Revenge of the Sith:
  2. Wow! Congratulations, Rhett! Continuing on the assumption that the engagement ring is a different one, then I for one would love to hear the story.
  3. I refuse to acknowledge that I was ever that young! Edit: Niner is made of fail and doesn't believe you guys should see the awesome picture of him that I posted. Lobby him today for great justice!
  4. Oh, leXX, how we love you. In fairness, I had to do a double-take when he linked me to it yesterday, to make sure what the date was. XD;; It's the kind of thing I almost expect from our dear Rewding.
  5. You're most welcome, Mr. ...Lynk. I really like the "anti-silhouettes" in the banner, and the X-wing leading the horizontal line to the right.
  6. Maybe he was so shocked that he felt "color" didn't have a sufficient amount of letters in it to convey the magnitude of the situation. I think the colours are quite pretty, myself. ^.^ XD
  7. I like the sound of that. It's almost convincing in and of itself. But... but but, I'm so good at filling Danishes with cream. *holds Kojo's "position"*
  8. Nice work, Lynk. Oh, I wouldn't be so sure. I think I've seen him around here somewhere...
  9. I wondered whether you'd turn up again one of these days. Good to see another familiar face in these parts. He's just dandy, Zedders. Still Canadian, though. Hey! And yeah, Yoda's Swamp forever! I think it was "SPY_jmr1", but I'm not entirely sure. *shoves you back in*
  10. No it's not, you've been eating those mushrooms again! I'm just a vivid hallucination brought on by weather balloons, and light reflecting off Venus. >__> ...I know, I know, I said I'd stick around the last time I posted in the Swamp (in 2006, apparently). I've lurked a bit, and I'll try harder this time, I swear. Good to see that you're still very much here, Rhett. Now, do you remember Ye Olde ABSL?
  11. ...That gave me mental images that I really truly did not want. ;x What he said, Havoc. I wonder whether anyone in here remembers the ABSL. Ohh, for the old days of exciting LucasArts releases.
  12. Good to see some familiar old faces are still about.
  13. (I'm an oldbie, I'm allowed to dig up threads less than a month past their sell-by date! ) Hooray for lurker threads! Holy crap, Rhett! You're not living in a cave any more! Awesome. I hope you're doing well, matey. Since you're so very...*looks at torn pantlegs*...determined, I guess I'll have to stick around this time. I must confess, I do miss the old place, so it could be good to lurk-- I mean, post, a little more often. (Why haven't you stuck this for us yet, Rhett? )
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