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  1. Thanks, I don't really play the game for the purpose of screenshots, but I quickly hit F12 whenever something I think looks good pops up.
  2. This is one of my favorite shots, a Mon Cal after ripping an ISD in half: An Imperial army marches through Tatooine: Vader leading some troops: The aftermath of an attack and the AT-AT that did it in the background: A beautiful shot of Mon Calamari and an ISD: Vader and a million angry soldiers and people hacking away at a poor guy: A pretty shot, very peacefull:
  3. Ofcourse, I left click on all specials, and I have no problem whatsoever with other specials at all, only Veers's. Its a bit odd, but it just doesn't work for me to the point where I don't even bother to try and use it anymore, its just a hassle.
  4. Hi everyone; I seem to be having trouble getting Veer's "Maximum Firepower" to work 99% of the time. Rarely, it works, but most of the time, he says the command and nothing happens, he either continues firing regular shots and/or stands around and does nothing. I tried telling him once to attack a building with it, instead he walked up to it and started pummeling it with regular shots, and the counter to the special didn't kick in, its like I never used it. Anyone have similiar problems?
  5. Tartans and Corvette's powers are fine, they're anti-fighters, nuff said. HOWEVER, what isn't fine IMO is that Imperials get free fighters while Rebels have to build thiers sooooo slowly. Frankly, Rebel capital ships should pump out X-wings and Y-wings, only much, much less than Imperials and TIEs. Then, when you reach a certain tech level, ships get an extra A-wing squad per ship. Its still accurate: TIE are disposable and greater in number, Rebel fighters are better but fewer. Problem solved really. But For the Rebels, I don't know, its a lot of money and time to build a Y-wing squad with a measly 3 bombers each that get taken out in an eyeblink by almost anything...
  6. I used to spend a lot of time creating Homeworld 2 "art" pictures too! It got even better when I got Evillejedi's "Star Wars: Warlords" mod. Question: how do you imbed pics directly into a post like that? All I am able to do off ImageShack is show small versions in my post that people have to click on to expand.
  7. Important: I've met some people who have encountered potential conquest-ending bugs concenring side missions, example: "A favor for Lord Vader" random mission in conquest. I kept ignoring it until Mon Calamari was one of the last planets I need to take over to win the game, no go: even with Vader in invading fleet, he tells me I need to take him with me and the game won't let me invade Mon Calamari. Had to restart conquest mode over. Another one someone told me about is a Rebel side mission where Mon Mothma wants Antilles to take a force and conquer a certain planet (don't know, never played as Rebels), even when the player got the required forces, the game would tell him he needed the units.
  8. Darth Torpid: I really appreciate the time you are taking to talk to us, most developers woudn't even bother. I apologize if I come off as rude, but when I made this thread it was after quitting the game in frustration at Rebel MPTLs. As for the memory leak, I don't really know what to make of it. Last three times or so I booted up the game I had no slowdown whatsoever, which is strange because before the game would always get progressively slower as I played, and I'm not doing anything different, and haven't changed anything in my system as far as I know. What I CAN tell you though is that it seems the CPU struggles sometimes when I have many units moving at once, so if I select all my units and press the stop button it immediately becomes smooth again. Strangely, if I tell those same units to start moving again, most of the time the game remains smooth. My guess? The game struggles when having to guide units around objects on the map (asteroids, nebula, etc), but I really have no idea though, its just a guess.
  9. 2M tanks don't last long agains the Rebel artillery, I don't know what gave you that impression. One salvo takes down your shields and maybe half your life, this has happened to me a dozen times so I know that for a fact. I figured out a temporary solution by doubling the fog or war clearing ability of AT-ATs, that way I can usually see them coming. Anyone know how to decrease the damage done by the Rebel artillery though in the XML files?
  10. Quote: So because you cant deal with it, this must be a bug? Artillery is ranged. Thats the idea of it. Why not use your own artillery, or even better send in the swift TIE Maulers and have them self destruct? End Quote So basically you think its perfectly fine for a unit to attack you without seeing it, kill of 25% of your forces in the first shot, then you see it, and by the time you send off your fastest units to kill it, another 25%-40% of your units are killed with absolutely nothing you can do about it? See, that's what annoys me about people sometimes, its like a sin to say anything negative about "thier" game, when obviously something needs to be worked on. What I described above is not a "feature" of the game, its a broken unit that way too overpowered. I'm not a "n00b" and I'm almost done with my third Conquest mode now, so I KNOW how to play the game, but anything that WILL take out atleast 40% of my ground forces without me being able to do a damn thing about it is NOT balanced gameplay. Look at it this way: is the Imperial artillery that way? Can it kill 3-4 units at the same time in one salvo? Can it even kill ONE target in one salvo? Does it have a splash damage area that wipes out anything even remotely close to it? It needs toning down, period.
  11. Just fix the memory leak that causes massive stuttering after more than 30 minutes of play and tone down the damage/fire rate of Rebel MPTL artillery and I'll be a happy man! Also I notiecd a strange thing: if the game starts stuttering, if I press the "Stop" button in the unit movement menu it becomes smooth again. Also... why have fog of war in a Star Wars game? Its a bit silly really in such an advanced setting that radar wasn't invented! I agree that rescource gathering and cutting wood and mining gold doesn't fit Star Wars, but the same can be said for fog of war!
  12. This is after three Galactic Conquests guys: All right, I'm halfway through my third conquest now , pretty much tried and seen everything, and here are some things that Petroglyph MUST address in thier next patch: - Completely tone down the Rebel MPTL artillery. Actually, not tone down.... FIX. Guys? Its broken. Anything that makes me quit the game and go do something else is broken. I'm not an idiot, and I know how to play this game by now. Its strong against everything, tanks, troops, structures, you name it. It can take down anything short of AT-ATs in one or two salvos, has incredible area splash damage, has unfair range, very high rate of fire, and one of them can generally wipe out your entire force before you can send you fastest units to get it. AT-ATs are nice in theory, but in reality are too slow to react in the split second to kill an MPTL before everything else is dead. The Imperial version is fine, the Rebel one is not. FIX IT. - There's an AI bug around the planets Genosis, Tatooine, Naboo. After three conquests, it seems to keep moving its fleets back and forth continously between these three planets. Sent a few probes there and apparently its the same fleets going back and forth nonstop continously. I usually wouldn't mind but if you notice, the CPU tends to attack you when the transiting stops, so.... - Rebel airpspeeders are a nuiscane. They're fine in theory, but the problem is they can be used against ground targets and are thus an essential part of a Rebel force. The AT-AA is not. Its a one trick pony that takes up a badly needed unit cap. Most planets you start out with maybe 3 unit caps, and you can't really waste one cap on a AT-AA just so you can shoot down the speeders harrasing you like flies, the remaining two units are not enough to make it to another reinforcement point and its a bit hard to build an anti-air cannon when you are swarmed by enemies. Either give the Empire a comparable air unit or make airspeeders more vulnerable to ground fire. - various severe performance issues. We all know about the apparent memory leak, game gets slower and slower the longer you play. There is inexplicable sever slowdown on the otherwise static galactic map overview (why?? its not like in made of a million polygons). Path finding issues cause severe slowdown unless you press the stop button for all your units. - Fog of war in a Star Wars game is silly. I'm sure they've managed to invent radar in the GFFA. It wouldn't be so bad except for the little fact that the CPU opponent isn't bound by it, which allows it to exploit a few cheap tactics that make the game more frustrating than fun. Remove it, there's a reason why we're not chopping down wood and mining for gold in a SW game, and its the same reason there should be no fog of war. This is SW not the Middle Ages. - Why do some of my space units sit idly by while my fleet is getting hammered a few feet away? I can't count the number of times I would see two Victory SDs and a bunch of fighters just hangind around doing nothing while a ship right next to them is getting hammered. Do I NEED to give you permission to attack the enemy?? Add your own please!
  13. To people that are saying Rebel artillery is fine: Did you actually PLAY the game? No offense, but they're not just unbalanced, they're BROKEN. All this advice is nice on paper, but here's the problem: AT-AT: nice counter. Too bad its so slow that by the time it turns around, aims, fires a few shots, and kills the artillery, your entire force is dead. Gone. Rushing: seems to be the best way. By "best" I mean losing "80% of your ground forces between the time you see the artillery and the time you reach it with your fastest units" type of best. Bombing runs: Would be nice... if it happened immediately. Takes about 10 seconds to get there guys, and it takes half that to wipe out your entire force. scout bikes: they're ok except chances are they're among the first units to die and by the time you see an MTPL artillery, well, its too late. My point is this: the Rebel MPTL artillery does unfair damage against EVERYTHING (tanks, troops, structures, etc), has unfair splash damage, has incredibly fast firing rate, obscene range, and is an otherwise generally broken unit that adds nothing but frustration to the game. Honestly, as soon as I see one of the battlefield I know there'll be an endless wave of them and just quit the game and go do something else, and believe me, being the computer nerd that I am, when something makes me do that... well, its beyond frustrating. Know why I'm not complaining about the Imperial artillery? Because its a reasonably damaging unit that has minimal splash damage and a slow fire rate. The Rebel version is none of these things.
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