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  1. I think this has more to do with your system than it has to do with laptops in general.. I played EaW with the Ultimate Mod on my laptop without any difficulties at all..
  2. How about those giant worm thingys in Empire Strikes Back?
  3. My Y-Wing squads always get hit the hardest every battle anyways..
  4. Just because it's EA, I'm voting for EaW.. no offense to the devs of EaW, but I haven't seen that Battle For Middle Earth II game before.. but anyways, you have my vote Btw, do you guys from both companies know each other? Are there bets laid or something?
  5. Are you sure the Lancer Frigate isn't in there? I know it's not in the stock demo, but I could've sworn I saw that the Rebel Starfighters were vulnerable to a capital ship that looked suspiciously like a Lancer..
  6. Well, losing due to the loss of the Death Star would reflect the Pre-Battle-Of-Yavin timeline of the game.. And Red Squadron is on the same tech level as the Death Star, I think.. and since the Rebels are always lagging behind in tech (because they have to steal their's), then you'd have free reign with your sphere of doom for a while..
  7. If the mod you were playing had the Corellian Gunships enabled (i.e. the "other small but for attack") ship, its missiles can penetrate shields.. And a VSD can easily take on a Nebulon-B..
  8. I think you may have to micromanage.. I remember seeing my X-Wings and Millenium Falcon totally ignore the swarms of TIE Fighters bearing down on them to open up on the Star Destroyers. Then again, that WAS the demo.. then AGAIN, EaW strives to do many things at once, so it can't really do any one thing (e.g. Space Battles) to the same standard as specialized games such as Homeworld..
  9. 1. Mine revealed when I captured the Merc research centre.. 2. Those 2 small droids are probably the artillery spotters for your artillery units..
  10. Yeah, I am well aware of the SW lore about X-Wings and A-Wings, but I was looking more in line to what Slocket said.. thanks
  11. This is kinda a dumb question, but do X-Wings have any advantages over A-wings? I noticed that they seem to cost the same, so is there any point to buying X-Wings after you get to the A-Wing level of tech?
  12. Misten, this is the reason why there are bombers in spacebattles. If it was hard for the bombers to take out the shield generators, then everyone would just bring the biggest capital ships they can find to pound the shield down.. On a side note, the point of having the ground based shield generators is to prevent bombardment (perhaps the most devastating attack you can unleash) of a base. It's like Hoth in Empire Strikes Back..
  13. You fire a thruster in the opposite direction from the one you are moving.. it's not sci-fi technology.. space shuttles, satelites and space stations have been using it for a while.
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