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  1. Salk doesn't have it.

  2. His adventures will end - unfortunately - with #50 with no clear ending I am afraid. If I read the Dark Horse site right that is...
  3. Hi, do you by chance have a link to the cut shadowlands restoration mod you made with DJ?

  4. All true! But the Shadowland Restoration I did had no walkmesh also, and nevertheless I made a more or less okay restoration with it, I think. One had to use tricks and tuneing, but many things are possible, just not some specific things (roaming NPCs, elaborate walking of NPCs and such). As I said, a good team could work from a finished module (even without walkmesh). Take care EDIT: Once again - its not a temple, just a dungeon ;-) !
  5. If someone would make this module workable it would make a cool manageable project. With the right people it would be a doable thing. Nothing overly ambishous, but big and interesting enough to make fellow players want to play it...
  6. @Jae: This discussion is about the unfinished and deleted Dungeon on Tatooine, which the developers left in the game, for and from K1. (That it was supposed to be an old Rakatan temple is a false rumour, if I remember the statement from David Guider correctly!) DarthInsidious made it accessable for us mere mortals. There never was any porting idea involved in this. @all: If this discussion shall lead to anything, we need a workable module. I know only of two, maybe three people in this community who have the abilities to either work from the existing files or make new ones from scratch. As long as one of these doesn't pick up the ball, the idea will be just that - an idea.
  7. As SS said - although one year ago - the module is *very* incomplete. And if I say *very* incomlete, I mean *VERY INCOMPLETE*. As far as I know the walkmesh problem is still not solved and thus the module impossibile to restore. SS, please correct me if I am wrong. Its been quite some time since I went to that module, and I hate to kill any enthusiasm, but the module (as it stands) is very small, if I remember correctly. (And I am not sure that the above shown picture is part of the module.) Nevertheless, if the module would be workable, the right team could create a nice (side) quest for it. Take care
  8. Hello!


    Great to hear! And as you can see, its still worked on restorations :-) . The game is still alive!

  9. Hey, I'm still alive!

  10. You can download some map files from the KotOR Tool web site (but not all). To create map files is a big undertaking, but clearly outlined on the site. I never used map files for my modding though :-) . Good luck!
  11. Shadowlands Restoration, as I did it, does have VOs. As mentioned before, the Juhani Romance Enhancement, although I never played it, does have *some* VOs, if I remember correctly.
  12. The same goes for Jarael. But maybe one can say both women are shown in an older stage of their lives. KotOR 1 also says in-game Bastila is *very* young. I like the picture on the back of the book even better! And, no, there will be no paberback of this book.
  13. I am just reading the Campaign Guide, and I, too, must say its really awesome. While reading it, I replay the games in my mind, and it contains bits and pieces of information I wasn't aware of. For everyone interested in KotOR its a MUST read!
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