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  1. Thank you. Just one more problem though. Some reason it won't let me get on the crypt! I did all what I was suppose to do, but for some reason, he just keeps talking about the crypt and won't get on the damn thing.
  2. I'm stuck where you have to fix the control panel, near the tomb and close to where brink is, so does anyone remember how to make the light bridge to work? I haven't played in so long, I don't remember!
  3. I'm still stuck. I tried to figure it out and I just can't! it's probably really easy but I just don't realize it. ;_; please tell me.
  4. that right after he knocks ben out they said he left and you hear his bike driving off. when you get him out of the dumpster, his bike is there. I know this is probably on purpose...but still.
  5. easy. but i've looked up few walkthroughs and it said i had to use scissors to cut the picture for this one part. and something about a mirror behind the bartender and there isn't one behind him!
  6. no, it wont let me pick it up at all. look at the picture. nothing will highlight on it. i know its small...stupid photobucket.
  7. it let me pick up the nail but it wont let me use to scissors to cut the picture. nothing will show up!
  8. I'm stuck where you have to figure out the color code on the control panel. I don't know which goes in order. I looked up every walkthrough of The Dig, (which there is only about 6 or 7), and all of them are differen't! and the color codes they say to put in are wrong.
  9. i'm about to start on disc two and for some reason it says 'cannot find file 'comi.la1' inset disc one. and i did then it did it again excep it was 'comi.la2'
  10. i'm about to start on disc two and for some reason it says 'cannot find file 'comi.la1' inset disc one. and i did then it did it again excep it was 'comi.la2'
  11. i fixed n/m...I'm using scummVMQ+E. works great sorry to bother...
  12. i did use that. I'm using SCUMMVM Q+E and nothing will show up. I copied the resource folder and paste it into my throttle hardrive folder and still nothing will happen. It works with the curse of monkey island though.
  13. n/m about the sound card. I finally fixed it. but one more problem...I'm using DOSbox and everytihng is going REALLY slow. I closed some of the programs off to make it run faster and that didn't work.
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