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  1. No pop cap would work if there were some drawbacks to having a massive army. ( as others have pointed out). Combine the pop caps mechanics of Total War and Cossacks, and you have the perfect population cap. (in my opinion)
  2. In the new screenshots at Gamespot, the ecilpse seems enormous compared to the Executor. According to some statistics the Executor was about 1 or 2 kilometers longer than the eclipse but far far thinner. Please could someone clarify this for me
  3. its seems that the pirate faction has access to lots of exotic weaponary. In the trailer it looked like those plasma tanks were taking those AT-ATs down pretty quickly
  4. What are the names of the pirate ships? And what are those crazy helix projectiles they are firing?
  5. What are those crazy projectiles that the Pirate ships are firing? And are the ships and ground units that the pirates are using canon??
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