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  1. Bumping, and just to add more to the post. I have installed the recently released 1.1 patch, and that has not done anything to resolve the issues
  2. I have a couple of issues with BF2, one major, one rather minor, that I wonder if anyone can suggest to resolve them I have had no problems what so ever with single player since buying the game, however I have never been able to use the multiplayer function. When selecting multiplayer ether in game or via GameSpy, the game freezes the moment I select join. No error message, just a total system lock up. I have tried opening the port numbers in my firewall settings suggested in the Troubleshooting guide but I am still getting system freezes when selecting multiplayer. The second issue is more a minor issue. When closing the game and then trying to go back in, there is no response from the game. I found the cause to be that when closing the game, there is still a process in task manager for battlefront2.exe. No amount of "End Process" will clear it, and of course it will not load the game again, if it thinks it is alreay running. I can simply clear the issue by restarting the PC. This though will be a bit of a pain if I get Muiltiplayer working and I want to go to a different server in GameSpy, I will have to reboot my PC before selecting a different server. Any suggestions would be a great welcome. Thanks
  3. While I don't really hate any of the new episodes, I do have to agree with you that Aliens of London/WW3 were probably the weaker episodes of the series. Adding more fuel to the fire of the notion that although I bow at the feet of Russel T. Davies for being a major part in bring Doctor Who back to TV, he has actually been given something of a showing up by other writers in the series. Namely Rob Shearsmith for Dalek, Paul Cornell for Father's Day and Steve Moffat for Empty Child/Doctor Dances Strangly enough, I feel Davies' best episode was Boom Town, where very little happend and it was more dialogue based. On the old school front, finally got round to getting City of Death. Love Baker the first time he meets the Countess at the Chateau I also picked up The Begining box set which has the first 3 sets of stories of Doctor Who. Forgot how good Hartnell was which of course allowed the series to go on till this day.
  4. First Post on LF and naturally I have to getting involved in this thread annoucing my obvious love (see name) of Doctor Who New series was....well....fantastic! Christmas special was great, Tennant looks like he is going to be brillient! Sucker for the old school though. Plan to get City of Death soon on DVD (More Tom Baker and Douglas Adams goodness) First got into The Doctor at age 8 watching Syilvester McCoy in "Rememberence of The Daleks". If your interested in more Doctor who music, here's a good site: http://www.dannystewart.com/doctorwho/themes/ BTW Doctor, 6th and 7th Doctor themes sound totally different. I was never keen on the 6th Doctor theme. Anyway, looking forward to new series.... Anthony Steward Head player a villian ~ ~ ~ Sarah Jane Smith ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ K9 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Cybermen! ~ times infinity! See you all round the forum
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