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  1. that is because the person who did jango fetts voice also does delta leads voice
  2. yes your without each other they are basically helpless
  3. god at the end of republic commando finding that we left sev there it made me cry
  4. my favorite commando is sev. Sev is the greatest commando ever. im changing my name to sev when i am older.
  5. thats sweet im obviosly going to get republic commando tides of war. also sev is part of delta squad so wouldnt that mean they have to meet up with him to
  6. where can i sign up for the great clone academy
  7. also in the epiloge yoda says "rendesvous with delta squad we must" makes you think doesnt it
  8. true i think you have a point their. also it should show what happened to sev and i think you should be able to pick up the magnaguards staffs.
  9. i hate the artillary its so hard to control
  10. yes but it just would'nt semm right without sev he's the greatest
  11. i think in the beginning of the sequel it should begin on kasshyk, searching for sev
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