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  1. I believe he often does the ink on a separate layer so it’s likely the inking is the same.
  2. That is the (rarer) version of that illustration, which ran in Fox Kids magazine. Steve later did a painting based on this illustration and sold art prints of it.
  3. LucasArts didn’t make that shirt as far as I know. Purcell printed it and sold it at conventions I think? It was also at the local comic book store in Petaluma, CA. That shirt is how I learned that I lived in the same town as Purcell as a teenager!
  4. @Spaff also brought a bunch of the bottles to the UK I think, and may have given away or sold them there.
  5. @TRS the brand on my bottle is the same as yours, and I’m guessing they’re promo items from the same event.
  6. If their animator request is to be taken literally, they’re using Spine, which is not a pixel art tool but is used for a hybrid of 2D animation and tween-style deformation of illustrations. It’s used by Size Five games (the latest Ben & Dan game for example) and can produce output similar to the animation in Broken Age. I’ll be clear here that I’ve never used Spine and don’t know all the contexts in which it’s used, but it’s definitely a general purpose 2D animation tool.
  7. I’ll check my bottle, which is from that party. It wasn’t a team launch party for the game itself, but a release event for the PS2 version with some press and Dominic Armato in attendance, held on a sailing ship on the SF bay. Old embarrassing Mojo article about it here. I was given a case of the beers which I kept for years and eventually sold a couple on eBay, but gave most away one day to interested co-workers at Telltale. Photo of the case of grog: I also have the Max shotglasses buried in my bar somewhere and will dig them out.
  8. Maybe it’s somehow a union thing, sometimes names stick for credits because they’re what’s in the contract.
  9. Ah yep my mistake, here they are: http://web.archive.org/web/20100105132334/http://www.telltalegames.com/store/mi-buttons
  10. I believe the big pins were promotional only. They were designed to be worn on a trade show floor and draw a lot of attention. I was really happy to get to make an official “ask me about” pin for a Monkey Island game.
  11. I have a bunch of old sell sheets but the MI2 ones are the oldest and yeah they are in great quality. The glossy page IS a really pristine copy of what ran in the adventurer. Apparently they printed them up on nice paper internally. Steve Purcell gave me this copy years ago. I’m going to do some nice scans of them along with the nose glasses standee.
  12. I finally started going through my piles of LucasArts stuff, starting with collecting all my game boxes together, and I have far more LEC games than I thought I did. It still pales compared to most collections but I’m happy! (Wish I had MI1 and FOA though...) I have a bunch of boxes of ephemera to go through too, most of which I collected on a couple visits to LucasArts in the early 00s we did for Mojo. Once I go through these I’ll try and make an organized post! There’s a bunch of Telltale stuff in boxes and drawers all around too, but that’s its own undert
  13. Awesome, sounds like a fun project and a good learning experience. Looking forward to it!
  14. Thanks for the heads up! That’s not a surprise unfortunately. We were sending to a mailing list that’s over 10 years old and has over a 10% bounce rate. Not much we can do! We won’t keep emailing that list of course, it’s ancient and it’d be rude. If you sign up for new mailings from us (when claiming your key) it’ll be on a different list from that and probably not as spamworthy.
  15. The original releases are being added to Steam as free DLC as well. It was just a little more complicated under the hood, but is in progress.
  16. We’re already working on season two! To be clear, I understand not liking that a new version of something has changed in a way that makes me like it less. That is a shitty feeling when it happens to something you like. It’s just not censorship! And trying to claim it IS censorship to give those feelings more weight is not justifiable. It sucks to feel bad because a thing I like has changed, but the world does not owe me for those feelings. Is it “bad business” to change something in a way that some customers don’t like? Maybe! (Or maybe not, depending on the outcome!) But again, th
  17. I don’t understand how people editing their own work is censorship, especially when the original is still available. That’s not at all what censorship is. in the case of this Sam & Max release, I think what’s going on is a small subset of the audience aren’t getting exactly what they want, and are upset but know that sounds childish to complain about, so they’re crying censorship as a somehow more “acceptable” way of throwing that same fit. (Sorry for bringing some negativity to this good times thread!)
  18. Awesome, I love that painting. What a hidden gem.
  19. There is a comment in the source code saying that they were abandoned to save a floppy disk, and expressing some (joking-sounding) hope that they’d appear in a directors cut release.
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