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  1. Hey kids, how's everyone?
  2. If that's true, then I demand to know where's my portion of the disposable income. Who has taken it? Where is it??
  3. What Marek said. Definitely. I, too, quite enjoy the looks of the first two games and especially LeChuck's Revenge, mostly due to the nostalgia factor. Having said that, I also very much liked the way CMI looked and felt. You can't really compare Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle, either, yet I'm still to meet a person who disliked DOTT graphics. The first one to report will win a virtual bottle of champagne and loads of teflon-coated panning from other forum members.
  4. Although, for the record, Dave Grossman (I think it was Dave) has said that they would've originally wanted the games to have a sort of a storybook feeling to them but the technology at that time wasn't adequate to accomplish it. One might thus argue whether CMI departed from the Monkey Island tradition graphics-wise, or actually finally took it where it belonged.
  5. I love messaging because you don't actually have to talk to the person. But really, it's very handy. Don't know how I managed it before the cellular phones. If I have to reschedule a meeting, for instance. Or tell someone I'm late (that happens like twice a day).
  6. M.C. Escher rules. Loved the Futurama reference in the episode "I, Roommate".
  7. How much does SMS cost in the States? I pay from 0.12 € to 0.17 € per message, and some companies offer special deals where you can, for instance, send unlimited amount of free SMS to five friends of your choice for a flat fee.
  8. But of course! And yay for round teeth! He looked weird with that sharpened chewing equipment.
  9. Sam & Max Freelance Police is also scheduled for a Spring 2004 release. They probably won't be fighting for the same gaming crowd (except for the old farts fans like us), though.
  10. Champagne for me! Or GT if you have Bombay Sapphire.
  11. I was speaking from a language point of view, not legal, physical or psychological. I mean, in English teens are everyone from thirteen to nineteen. Twelve and twenty don't have 'teen' in them.
  12. Hmm, I thought the teen years continue up to nineteen. When you turn 20, you are no longer a teenager. Or did I miss your point?
  13. I read once about a theory that when you are young, any period of time seems longer since you compare it to your own life -- it's all relative, you know? For instance, for a 15-year-old a year seems like 1/15th of a lifetime, whereas someone in his or her sixties sees the same year going by four times faster. It was not a scientific theory but an interesting thought anyhow.
  14. I... I didn't know he lived there? And why didn't anyone react when I mentioned about the trip a couple of months ago?
  15. So I was. Were. Uh, yes. It was great, loved it.
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