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  1. Austin Powers in Goldmember. Sure, it isn't the wittiest of humor all the way through, but the celebrity cameos and pop culture references are worth many laughs. Better than the previous one, anyhow.

  2. Originally posted by Doubleplus GC

    I recently saw the Trois Coleurs series of French movies by some Polish guy whose name I can't begin to spell out (it has, like, 5 silent Z's... what the hell?).


    That's Krzysztof Kieslowski.


    And, of course, you all still need to see Amélie. And, while you're at it, see Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children. Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a master.


    I love Amelie. Saw it in theaters for three or four times. Haven't had the time to pick up the DVD yet, though.

  3. Originally posted by Kjølen

    I'm a bit German so please be nice.

    What about the Hidden cutscene with Elaine chaging the switches, can I find it online of in the game? How and the waving Guybrush one...please


    I don't think the one with Elaine controlling the rollercoaster was ever animated. There might have been storyboards (someone with the official player's guide could probably verify this) but not a completed version. After all, what point would there be in cutting a finalized cutscene?

  4. I'm thinking of getting Xbox, now that both Psychonauts and the new Sam & Max game (should it ever get finished) seem to be Xbox titles. But then again, maybe I'll just wait for a PC conversion.

  5. Originally posted by LucasTones

    Does this mean that you'd be willing to part with one? I'd get one off Ebay, but they always have a "little drill hole" in them to show they're out of supply or something.


    The drill holes are usually on promo copies, ie. copies that are sent out to magazines or music stores for review purposes. The drill hole is there to make sure the review copy is not sold commercially. There's nothing to be afraid of, those copies often end up on Ebay since they can't be sold in conventional stores and are a great resource for a collector.

  6. Originally posted by SirPsycho

    Damn, you know how many times fans asked for a CMI soundtrack? How many petitions were organized and sent to LEC? And to think that while you can extract all the music from the game CDs, people still wanted an 'official soundtrack'!


    I'm only aware of one, the one that I organized? ;)


    By the way, you can also collect all these, (instead of commanding me to give you mine :) ) It is really hard to find some of them, but it's possible - I did. A year ago I had none of them, but now I have them all (besides the original Loom Audio Drama CD), and even 2 spare copies of The Dig Soundtrack.


    I'm a huge fan of LucasArts soundtracks too, have been for over a decade now, and I have all the ones you mentioned (except for the Full Throttle mini CD). The Loom Audio Drama came out on cassette before the CD premiere anyway, so I have the cassette version (and a bootleg CD version, just for convenience). I wish there was more of the music stuff around though, I guess the commercial viability of the soundtracks isn't that great after all, even with the dozen of us enthusiasts around. :p

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