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  1. Then you have a really, really, really super rare adventure game. I've tried to get ahold of MPI for years... :| The youtube video is nicely put togeter. Good work!
  2. So this means we can test out an alpha soon?
  3. Hey, I heard John Doe had been working on a Toonstruck extractor or something. Any updates on that? I think it was meant to rip music, backgrounds, animations and stuff. Also, anyone knows how to extract the music for Runaway 1 and 2? I'd really like to get it, as it's pretty awesome. If not, is there a possibility to make a small application to rip it?
  4. Hasn't it been done? I remember trying a patched EMI file, and it ran it 1024x700 something.
  5. I don't have a compiler Waiting for a fix
  6. Wow! Hurray! *bows* Btw.. It cannot open Full Throttle... AppName: akosview.exe AppVer: ModName: akosview.exe ModVer: Offset: 000028b7
  7. Nope. No remakes, thank you. They are as good as any other game. Who needs updated graphics anyway? It means that they have to re-do the whole game. Not only replace the graphics, but THE WHOLE, and that would take some time..
  8. Hehe.. Well, you might try to get it from any chinese who owns it, but you must probably put in a lot of money in it, if he agree to sell it. I think you can get it cheaper from eBay.
  9. You can watch eBay for it though.. I've seen it twice.
  10. Mmmmh... Meh like! I did always miss ScummVM Q&E to display the cover and screenshots as well. But I have a future suggestion... Instead of the box with all the games, why not make a list on the right with them, then when we mark the game we want to play, screeenshots and boxart will appear. Also, I like the way we can customize the screenshots. Meh like Also, it would be nice to have something like SCUMMvm Q&E, where it displays how much of it is finished. Instead of having a button named Download, this might be mistaken with Download the game. I would like to see it being renamed to Snapshot or something. Also, there's too many windows. ** looking ** Now, when I noticed the tabs in the options window, I like it Nice work! Hope it'll be updated regulary! ** edit ** I mean something like this... http://www.ideiadupla.com/gbafront/
  11. It's not rare. AFAIK, the floppy version is rarer.
  12. I wouldn't order a bunch of copies of the same game. I'm a student, and a part-time developer. I can't afford to do that. The pledge thing seems good tho'..
  13. Hurray! Btw... it would be easier if SOMEONE implanted it into SR, because it's hard using SR to extract the stuff, then Akos to view Just a suggestion... or if Akos could get the files itself
  14. I'd like Paco Vink to try this thing out.. It sure would be interesting what he could come up with. Nice covers btw.. I like the year thingy thingy..
  15. Hello, I have problems signing in on my account at AD, AND I can't access any of the threads on our private forum anymore. Is it something wrong with mixnmojo at the moment or something? I'd really like to hear when it'll be fixed.. the server I'm using is: ftp.mixnmojo.com / mixnmojo.com it IS correct, yes?
  16. Um.. That would be illegal, since the new exe's are on the new Entertainment Pack, and therefore, you should buy it instead. There's a guy here who are willing to trade it for another... http://gametz.com/?S=10511751&A=Games&availitem=LucasArts%20Classic%3A%20The%20Entertainment%20Pack&attr=PC if you live in the nordic region, there's a swedish online store (http://www.gamezone.se/site/prod.asp?cartID=RXOABNQJUOBOXFMOHDUNAIFPF&langID=1&currID=1&SiteID=1&plattformID=5&prodID=65839) offering it. or a norwegian one.. 100 kroner cheaper http://www.akersmic.no/trade/productview/100503/ or this http://www.dvdhuset.no/servlet/dvdhuset.filmforklaring?VareID=4261 or you can hear with your local pc-game store. I'm sure they are willing to get it for you.
  17. okay.. I can't access ANYTHING on http://quick.mixnmojo.com .... Help? P.S - I want that Full Throttle demo as well, which is located here... http://quick.mixnmojo.com/demos/ftdemo.zip
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