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  1. You Aber people.... The only Aber worth writing about is Abertawe! /me flees
  2. Indeed, any Gamesurge server should be fine. It's nowhere near as ropey as DALnet was back in t'day. irc.gamesurge.net #monkey-island http://www.mirc.co.uk
  3. Hey everyone, just a pointer to this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2372955 about the #monkey-island reunion! Remember the old days? huh?
  4. Sounds great! Most of the 'old' regulars have blogs, etc. and should be contactable, I'm going to get hold of Riffage/Limi (I work with him now) and I've got a few people like Pedgey and CROC on my MSN.
  5. Just called in to #monkey-island for the first time in a few years to see the topic: * Topic is 'Welcome to the Monkey Island SCUMM Bar! 10th birthday article in progress for Mojo: send stories and files to gabez [at] mixnmojo.com | Some sort of re-union also planned later this month' Some sort of reunion eh? Anyone with more details on it? It's be great to catch up with everyone again!
  6. It's like the good old days.... Ah, the old days * Gets lost in memories *
  7. Count me in for some Worms Armageddon, I promise I'll hang out in IRC more too.
  8. There's no need to pay prices like that for T-Shirts, firstly, local T-Shirt printers and screenprinters can do a better job, secondly: There's plenty of other online companies able to do T-Shirts and send them. Before I've ordered around 50 T-Shirts, all with customised nicknames, full writing on the back, in glow in the dark lettering. This worked out at around £7 a T-Shirt excluding delivery. So if anyone wants to know a UK company that can do T-Shirts cheaply, http://www.clanshirts.co.uk (Nice first post back in the community )
  9. We want you back! Damnit Skyfox, let the site continue, cuss you RemiO, keep at it! Get the data back and let the site live on! PS. I don't want my one piece of CMI inspired Fan-Art to be lost
  10. It's about time to arrange a brand new UK MI Meet! Since no-one else takes the initiative to kick it off, allow me! Date: Sunday, 14th September, 2003 Location: Towers Street Skyride, Alton Towers Time: 12:00 Post here if you are going to attend!
  11. Meh, would you believe me if I said it was mainly done? Look, look, I have some PHP code from the site here! <?php include("modules.php"); ?> Seriously though, it kinda ground to a halt when most of the staff for the project left the channel. The remaining staff are most likely going to transfer it to someone - We have someone in mind, but it may be swayed by a substantial offer of forum points/money/sex.
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