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  1. Found an possible cause for this problem on another thread: "But I do know of one true glitch, if you are playing as the Rebels (Medium difficulty) on the Glatic Conquest single player sinario, find the Imp. planet that has their Research Facility on it and take it and destroy the facility. The Ipm's won't build another one and will be stuck on Tech level 1."
  2. The problem with Fighters is that if you lose more than 1/2 their numbers, they are considered destroyed at the end of battle while a Corvette or tartan with a hair of hull left will be good as new. This make it a lot easier to come out of a battle with you Corvette/Tartan intact while you will most certainly lose a few fighters.
  3. Looks like that's what the AI was doing, all it ever build ton of acclamators and Tartens while I have tech all the way to Mon Cal crusiers. I did not see a single SD (victory or Imperial) in the whole game.
  4. At medium level, it seems that the empire will not build anything star Destroyer or above in Galactic conquest. Is this normal? BTW this is the 35 planets one starting at tech 1.
  5. I usually capture the planets leading to the objective since the campaign mission doesn't seems to be time sensitive. I just capture the planets along the way.
  6. At first I was surprise that my troops did not get hurt but then I just figure that they were using guided munition of some sort ;-)
  7. I had the last battle at Yavin with all the heros (Han and Luke in space and Mothma and Driods on surface). The enemy fleet cames in and I get the countdown clock. I almost finsihed the Imperial fleet as time runs out (I think I was just about to blow up the last ship). It then switch to the cut scence with the Deathstar firing at Yavin and blowing it up. I thought I lost the game as Mon Mothma was on the surface. But than I get a "Victory" message and it cuts to Luke firing on the Deathstar and blowing it up and then we proceed to the whole award ceremony as seen at the end of Ep IV. All in all, I'm a bit disappointed at the rebal campaign. The first part is great and was paced fairly well up to the point of recovering the Data at Curolag (sp). But it seems really rushed once Han recover the data to build Mon Calamari crusier, The was no mention of Luke or Obi-wan or the Force, just a bit of voiceover on how they lost Capt Antilles and then the Deathstar shows up to destroy Aldereen and thing just most really fast to the end where Luke (suddenly now in Red Squadron), Han and the Driods just pop up at Yavin. Even if it's hard to do the story of Ep IV in the game but Skipping from Leia's capture to the Battle of Yavin without at least a bit of cut scence to introduce Luke and Obi-wan and set them off to Rescue Leia was really disappointing.
  8. I tried having them in space and on the surface and moving them around with no luck. The only problem is that my last save was a little while back (before the container scanning run which I hate).
  9. I was on the mission to recover the Mon Calamari crusier data on Corlug with Han and Chewie. I made this mistake of covering them with a fleet. The first time around. Only Han and Chewie landed and the mission proceeded as it should be (he have to get to the data chip and then escape. I failed on the way out. As soon as I got back to the Galactic map, the mission started again but this time it started as a planetary battle mission with my full troops and Han. I manage to win this one and when I got back to the galactic map, it said to get Han to where Mon Mothma is. So I sent them over but nothing happen. Although they are at the same system, the mission will not finish. I try moving Mon Mothma and then sending Han again but still no luck. Look like I broke the campaign ;-)
  10. I failed this mission 3 times before I figured outp that to use Ion shot, you need to select the y-wing, click on the Ion button and then "LEFT" click on the Shuttle. If you "Right" clickm it doesn't work.
  11. I was playing one of the mods and I can see the Imperial expanding at a much faster rate than I do. Then I happen to intercept one of their fleet (we arrived at the planet about the same time) and all it had is an imperial shuttle. Is that all it take for the AI to take over a planet?
  12. It would depends on the starting funds and tech. If I have about 40K plus and tech 3+, I would spend 30K+ on building my space force and grab as many system as possible (while maintaining a small garrison of ship in each system). then send out ground forces to actually take over the planet after I have a defensive parameter. If I start out at tech 1 and only 10K, then I spend most of it to defend my planets and build up my fleet slowly and attack one or two planet at a time.
  13. Do capital ship have firing arcs? I know the smaller ones do and if so, will damaging a ships engine reduce it's turning rate so you can stay out of it's firing arcs?
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