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    I'm far more interesting online than in real life (oh dear) however, I make much funnier voices and noises in real life than online, so it's a trade off
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    I like a whole bunch of neat junk
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    Dosser Extraordinaire

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  1. bah, i don't think he does. Being only partially-skeletal seems too sloppy to be real
  2. Not only is that a blatant Red Dwarf rip-off, but also if you think about death's anatomy you will realise that what you want is impossible. I will certainly not enjoy dying as it is almost bound to be painful and/or horrible , but actual death itself is a different matter, bring it on.
  3. you should have voted, every one counts
  4. To be precise, they have no plans to make GF2 but they would like to. Although now that LEC prez Simon Jeffries had left...
  5. My (welsh) science teacher once told me that to correctly pronounce his language you simply had to clear your throat and speak at the same time. He was later noted to set his shirt on fire by lighting a gas tap from the mains. I loved that guy
  6. Hardly surprising seeing as it's full of dead people
  7. American schools seem to support a curriculum based around sadism. The worst I was ever force to do was a cross-country run, which in fact evolved into a cross-country saunter.
  8. Gigabyte 8KNXP Pentium 4 3GHz Hyper Threaded 1024 megs of 3200 DDR Radeon 9800 pro SB Audigy 180Gb hard disk space but best of all: water cooled baby, oh how i smirk
  9. By that rationale, how can you not say he is cool or not? It's all opinion. If the character and personality we view as Death gives us pleasure to the extent that we think he is cool, who is to say we are wrong?
  10. arrrrrgh! for god's sake, man! make those pictures a bit smaller next time
  11. Well i still out-do you in the 'Woot' stakes with my 3 Ghz hyper-threaded monster. Compensating for something, you say? YES i.e. the significant lack of cash in my wallet
  12. he'll probably get a free vasectomy, for a start
  13. 1. he's bigger 2. don't be silly, he's just very resilient 3. lots
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