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  1. "The Stand" is my favourite Stephen King book by far. After that, I remember happily reading through four or five more Stephen King novels before I realised they were all pretty much the same. "It" would have been better if it weren't for the ending, Pennywise is one of the creepiest bad-guys ever.


    I am currently burning through the Dresden Files, which are very good. Not exactly high literature, and Jim Butcher maybe isn't as funny as he thinks he is, but I love the world that he's created, and I've been finishing most of the novles in a few sittings. I'd recommend them, anyway. Start with book #3, though, the first two are pretty standalone and not the best in the series.

  2. There's one covered in snow that refuses to open :(


    Go back after you've beat the game, it's all defrosted.



    Beat the game last night. Then I printed out a nice map with all of the items on so I can find some of the stuff I missed. I am the coolest motherfunker on the planet.


    Also I don't care whether it comes out on PC or not, and neither should anyone in this thread since we all appear to have it on a console.

  3. Think maybe I'm failing at racing because I only have one speed upgrade, and I'm on Brutal. He seems to drive flawlessly, and if I so much as knock him I spin round right round like a record baby. HE IS A DICK.


    Yeah, I'll be up for a bit of online play in the coming weeks. Gamertag is 'scabbzo' if anyone wants their face melting.

  4. Really enjoying Brutal Legend - pretty sure I'm on the last battle at the moment, looking forward to finishing it off tonight. I'm probably going to go for 100%, but Borderlands beckons! I like the stage-battles, but agree that you're not really given any idea of how to strategise. It took me a while to figure out that being very aggressive and constantly double-teaming is the way to play.


    The side-missions are generally pretty cool, although they could have done with a little more dialogue, especially the "ambush" missions ("Who we ambushing?" "BAD GUYS!"). I am finding the racing missions ridiculously hard on Brutal, even with a fairly upgraded car. It was also slightly annoying how the hunter switched back to his original location and then sent me to hunt

    the hexadons that are where he just was.

    Thanks, Brian Posehn.


    I do agree that a lot of stuff isn't explained. It's certainly not obvious how you upgrade units, and I didn't figure out how to unlock the legend-dragon-orbs until near the end - which was a shame, as a few of them are key to the main story. It's not metal to read the manual.


    But yeah, great game. Full of ideas, loads of Schafer in there, and the actual gameplay isn't really comparable to anything else out there. It's not flawless, but neither was Psychonauts, and we all loved that, right?

  5. Just rush it. Create some razor girls, summon your flag, pick it up and go straight for the merch-booth on the right, double-teaming one of the girls. Keep building razor girls with maybe the odd kill-master for good measure, head straight for the stage. From that point on you should either be soloing or double-teaming razor girls as you attack the stage. It helps if you've got the rock-block and a good beast on the call-of-the-wild summon, but some well-placed face melters should be good enough really. Oh, and If you need to call in any more units and you're nearly done, fire barons will get to you quick.


    My strategies are (mostly)

    - Try and stay out of the air, be on the ground double-teaming (Razor girls!).

    - Carry the flag with you most of the time.

    - Be aggressive, not defensive.

    - Time your solos well - try and get as many face-melters in as possible, preferably while you're utterly surrounded.

    - Oh, you get fans for killing the enemy hero too.


    If you're struggling, you can always do the hunter challenges until you can summon a hexadon, and the hunter gives you an awesome axe too. If you're on the second drowning doom battle, you are in a position to find all of the solos too, some of which are very handy. There are some guitar strings specifically designed to help solo cooldown, too. Get those.

  6. It's pretty cool that Monkey Island is out on iPhone. However, at the risk of sounding like a moaning, whinging, whining twot, it's slightly frustrating that the control scheme is better than the PC version. If they can make a few changes for Apple, why can't they for Microsoft?


    Also, quick question: Do iPhone games also work on Macs?


    I tip my hat at the artists who worked on it, because they were never going to live up to everyones expectations.


    The attached scene is absolutely shocking. Really, really bad. MS Word Art ffs.


    I'm a little bit disappointed by this remake. Very shoddy in places, the control scheme is off (The verbs / inventory windows are obviously designed for the 360 pad's triggers), and some of the voice acting / characterisation if you like is very poor.


    Still, it's alright. Most of it's dead nice. Just a bit half-arsed.


  8. I've always (ALWAYS) imagined Stan as sounding from the deep south. "Howdy!"


    Certainly NOT as he sounded in CMI :(


    I always imagined that Stan would sound a bit like Lyle Lanley from the Simpsons episode "Marge Vs. The Monorail". Only faster.


    I think that Irish Largo worked pretty well, was a good fit. You can't have a comical hard-man with a Spanish accent.



    What about Largo's dad's name, Marco? :D


    The good news is he's dead.

  9. Heh. 800points is ridiculously cheap, too. I'll be acquiring this for the xbox I reckon, dem worms guys is from wakey innit. Probably wind up with the PC version too, almost certainly if they stick it on steam.


    My XBL gamertag is "scabbzo" if anyone wants to add me. Do any of you lot actually have a proper console, or are you all still dyed in the wool keyboard wielding luddites?

  10. I definitely enjoyed season one, but it wasn't without it's flaws. Played it all in about two weeks, so it got a little repetitive visiting Bosco's and Sybil's in every single game. Little frustrating that Sam couldn't run or fast-travel too, plodding past the same scenery got a little frustrating. The only other complaint I can make is that sometimes it wasn't abundantly clear what I was supposed to be doing, but that was probably more my own fault. So I, erm, had to cheat a bit.


    Still, fantastically written, excellent voice acting, some very nice puzzles and the look and feel was very Sam & Max.


    Season two is a step up. Just finished playing through 'Chariots of the Dogs', easily my favourite episode so far. One more to go, then it's time for Tales!


    Very tempted to drop $50 on the hard-cover Surfing the Highway..

  11. Hi. I'm James, 23, Yorkshire, UK, really like commas, and I work as a software engineer for an amoral defence contractor. Currently managed to skint myself through various large purchases and trips, so am now saving up to either A) Move somewhere better! or B) Bugger off round Europe for a bit, if only for a couple of months. I'm not very good at saving up though. Life is a bit too easy at the moment and I need to get off my arse anyway.


    Erm.. currently looking forward to August, where I'll be going to the Edinburgh Fringe for a bit, possibly heading to Cologne for some geeky games festival thing, and then finally setting up a tent in the mud for Leeds Fest. Should be at Glastonbury right now damnit! Cheers for moving to Northern Ireland, Greg. Bastard.


    That's all.


    elTee: You're 24 aren't you? Is your memory going or sumfing, grandad?

  12. I've just spent the week in Germany doing impressions of George Stobbart with a friend, so I'm going to be playing through Broken Sword. I've neglected the Sam & Max telltale games too, so I'll plough through those too. Definitely in the mood for a bit of adventure gaming, have completely sacked off "people" for them this weekend.


    *edited for nonsense*

  13. If #5 came out tomorrow, I think that pretty much everyone in this thread would purchase it as soon as possible. I mean, even if it had less than 20 on metacritic we all pretty much would. Yeah?


    They could do what they did with Leisure Suit Larry. This time it's Guybrush's identical nephew, Guybrush! That could work?

  14. I don't get on with Neil Gaiman. I've tried American Gods and Neverwhere, and read through Coraline on a plane journey recently. He is dull. Although I think I might actually quite enjoy the Sandman comics. But yeah.


    Other than that, Bad Science by Ben Goldacre is an enjoyable, informative read, definitely worth lending out to other people. I like Malcolm Gladwell's books too, 'Blink' and 'The Tipping Point'. Both are basically interesting bits of psychology cobbled together into some sort of unifying theme, and both should definitely be taken with a large pinch of salt.

  15. I tend to dip into (the new) Dr Who from time to time, and I think it's very hit and miss. I preferred Ecclestone as the Doctor too, but that's probably because I like his big ears and Manc accent.


    Some episodes I can remember as being particularly good include the ones with the Slitheen, the Werewolf episode, and that one where they go down to that big pit and chat with satan.


    Oh, did anybody catch the Weakest Link today? It was a Dr. Who special! K-9 was booted off unfairly in the initial round of voting, and Rose's mum won it. Hurray.

  16. Absolutely love the 3D backgrounds, my favourite is probably the shop. Looks a little like a Grim Fandango. It would be nice to see a 3D Guybrush wandering around these environments, I don't think AGS or Sludge could really do them justice. Get someone to write it in C using OpenGL. :)

  17. Elizabeth Swann was just a fucking annoyance. It seems to be standard practice to give "strong females" or "Keira Knightley" an unnecessary emphasis. Will Turner was fine, though - you can't really complain as he barely did anything. Depp was alright, Richards was a highlight, blah blah blah blah.


    Pirates #3 was good, not great. Took ages to start, too many stupid little unnecessary bits to the plot, very drawn out - but it ended brilliantly.

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