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  1. I quite like Airplane really, I'm only winding you up. Bet "The 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs...Ever." is absolutely class though. Yeah, I have seen the video, but Bernie Taupin wrote it? This only adds to their excellence and superiority.
  2. I didn't see any Airplane songs being penned by the legendary Diane Warren; given generous doses of saxophone and then featuring in awesome films like Mannequin. Actually, I only know that one Starship song - but it's enough.
  3. Oh, class. The Tesco there was apparently the biggest in Europe when it was built. Still, must be a harsh 30 minute metro ride to Sunderland. I'm in Heaton, which is definitely the best place ever. Also, whoever censored me is a cock. Unless it was you Joshi, in which case I forgive you.
  4. I have two things to say! Joshi: Whereabouts in Newcastle do you live? I would like to add to the tiger bread discussion too. Morrison's tiger bread is shit, although the other facets of the Morrisons bakery are excellent. I used to go to Sainsbury's for my tiger bread though, although recent visits have revealed there to be only lackluster bread available! P.S. To be a bit on-topic, Wakefield fucking rules. Here is our prison: . We have Ian Huntley, Charles Bronson and Dr Harold Shipman hung himself there! Hurray! Guess I had three things to say!
  5. Because nobody under the age of 40 has every directed a film. And we're all 10.
  6. That's been done. It's not 100% but they got ScummVM running on linux DS, or something along those lines anyway. Link.
  7. You don't put the contract in the suggestion box - there's a perfectly good post box outside the house. If the loose pony express stamp is missing from your inventory, then yeah, you must have already stuck it to the contract. You shouldn't need the stamp book, in fact you can give it back to weird ed edison to calm him down now. If you never picked the stamp up it should be outside his room.
  8. I've played Phoenix Wright, and it is very good. There are five different "cases", each with loads of characters to talk to and places to visit. It's very much an adventure game, I'd say. The art style is great too, particularly when characters get angry. Totally recommended - good idea, good execution and all that. Nice and easy too!
  9. You paid $37 for a pirate hat? I want a pirate hat. But not for $37. Dressing as a pirate is easy. Puffy shirt, big black boots and billowing trousers, maybe a piratey waist-coat type thing too. Feel free to remove all adjectives from that sentence too, and add an eyepatch or hook instead as most modern day pirates do. Make sure you get a good pirate belt too. Now I want a pirate belt too.
  10. Freddy Mercury didn't wear shirts.
  11. I still believe you Nick.
  12. I think the trailer is excellent. The original version can be found too.
  13. They definitely did put Kevin Spacey's name up, after all the other actors but before everyone else.
  14. The first two X-Men films were excellent, as was Apt Pupil & The Usual Suspects. Superman Returns is the only fairly dull film I've seen from Singer, I was certainly expecting something more. I liked Slither too, it was good rather than great.
  15. I saw Superman today. Now, considering the praise this film has received, I have to say it was pretty disappointing. It's not a particularly bad film, but it was far too drawn out and not very satsifying at all. Kevin Spacey is excellent, though. Pirates 2 is better.
  16. It just means everybody secretly loves the cheeky girls. Besides, I think the point is that you can whistle 10 notes of a John Williams theme, and plenty of people will know that it's Superman or Star Wars or Indy blah etc. Same applies to Koji Kondo with Mario or Zelda. They can both create memorable, catchy little pieces of music that don't become too irritating after you hear them for the zillionth time.
  17. Wares paddling is bad, yes. I also get the feeling this dimmuborgir character has been banned before, and as such I shall lock this no good thread. Edit: Maybe not. Someone else may know better. Either way, I suppose you can PM the guy if you're interested in his wares.
  18. After the credits in PotC 2... I'd rather watch those scenes on youtube and not gaze at the credits for five minutes like a tit. Actually, I'd rather those scenes weren't put in at all, particularly when they're quite significant like in X-men 3.
  19. Pop music is ace. You all love pop music, let's not deny it. Secretly you're overjoyed when O-Town come on the radio, because they're beautiful people with pretty voices who are better than you. And they can dance. But dance music is mostly horrible. O-Town don't do dance music. My taste in muisc is here although it's not been updated in a while. Everyone should get an Last FM account, and then not listen to Coldplay. Coldplay are bad for you.
  20. Does anyone know of any online versions of Liar's Dice, which is the dice game played in the film?
  21. I saw today, I enjoyed today. Similar "boat" to the rest of you I think - very good, not quite as good as the first. Well worth watching though!
  22. Please tell me you're not going four times in four days, tones. No man loves Mr Depp that much. :~
  23. According to various irreputable sources, the fourth villain is supposedly Bruce Campbell in a cameo role as Quentin Beck (Mysterio).
  24. £50 is very expensive, yeah. I was being a bit sarcy. Although you'd be hard pressed to get hold of MI1/MI2 for under £20. Also, £15 for delivery? Sounds like someone was trying to rip you off, maybe? I'm not sure. The rates for packages are right here as I pointed out before, with Czech Republic definitely being in the European zone. But yeah, I suppose individuals aren't as reliable as shops and it's a bit of a hassle getting this kind of thing sorted out. Good luck, anyway!
  25. It wasn't too long ago that you could get Grim Fandango on Amazon UK, but it looks a though that ship has sailed. There are a fair few New & Used items for most classic LucasArts adventures though - Monkey Island trilogy box-set, bargain at £49.99! If you try the European eBay sites then you'll be able to find a few of the games you want for reasonable prizes, and if you ask the seller about International Shipping it shouldn't be much of a problem. I know from experience that sending DVD-box games from the UK to Australia is only £2/£3 - it's definitely cheaper to get them to the Czech Rep (Details). On eBay UK I can find loads of copies of Grim Fandango for £3, a Sam & Max / DotT for £5 with a day remaining... Long story short, auction and new/used sites are pretty much your only bet.
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