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  1. Just didn't excite me! Although I'm still expecting it to be ace. Oh, and David Boreanaz is way hotter than Deppo.
  2. I thought the pirates of the caribbean 2 trailer was a bit poo.
  3. There are loads of those. A slightly trickier one would be: 8 gallon bucket 3 gallon bucket 5 gallon bucket Make two lots of four gallons! I have another question too, that isn't really a riddle. It concerns the snooze function on both my phone alarm and my regular alarm-clock. Why is it always 9 minutes rather than 10?
  4. They're all opaque, so you can't see what's in them. You know that one tub contains red jelly beans, one tub contains green jelly beans and the other contains a mixture of both. You also know that all of the tubs are incorrectly labelled. How many times do you need to reach for a jelly-bean before you know which tub is which, and why?
  5. Lion, Witch & The Wardrobe was DAMN poor! I don't recall the book, it may or may not have been a good adaptation - but I was very underwhelmed. The score was nice, and I did enjoy the fact that the grown-up version of Susan was played by "Big Suze" from Peep Show, but that was about it! Narnia has more potential, though. Give it to a better director! Like Tones!
  6. It's "prescription" by the way. I derive absolutely no pleasure from correcting your spelling, too.
  7. David Tennant is awesome, and he also looks exactly like Richard Hammond, also awesome. Harry Potter was awesome too, although I would definitely prefer just a solid two hours of banter between those teens.
  8. And then after you've read that, you can listen to "Ninteen Hundred & Eighty Five" by Paul McCartney & Wings, from the album Band on the Run.
  9. Wallie and Kerbie are completely unrelated games, benzo! You disgust me. Wallie: Take it in turns to kick the ball at the wall. If the ball touches you and doesn't touch the wall afterwards, then you lose points and respect. Kirbie: Smaller ball! Try and throw it at the kirb so it bounces off it and then you catch it. If succesfull, move to the middle of the street, throw it at the kirb and catch it. Repeat, taking a step forward with every succesfull catch. Should you get to your opponents side, you win much points! Should you miss a catch, or miss the kerb, your opponent must find the ball and hurl it at you before you've dashed back to your side of the street. Should it hit you, you lose much points! Or he gains them. It's been a long time actually, I'm not sure on the specific rules. Wallie is a lot more straight forward.
  10. Paul McCartney is so much better than Paul McCarthy. He was the best Beatle by far. Lennon is horribly over-rated and quite pretentious.
  11. I mostly loved Buffy and Angel, but does anybody else think that Joss Whedon is incredibly over-rated? I haven't seen Firefly or Serenity, but I can't imagine being blown away. I'm not that confident about Wonder Woman either... P.S. "Goal!" is mostly excellent since you get to see football players such as Shearer and Beckham attempting to "act", as well as places that I've been in Newcastle! Hurray! P.P.S. "Howl's Moving Castle" is alright, but probably not the most coherent Miyazaki film to start on if you have no prior interest in the man. Watch the much more straight-forward "Spirited Away" first and see what you think, then go see Howl.
  12. I have actually told a bunch of people I know who wanted to run old Lucas Arts games to just use Q&E, and it's saved them (and me¬) a lot of hassle in that it's mostly got them going from the get-go GO. By a bunch, I mean four, specifically. Which I think is around bunch size. Q&E is definitely worthy of existance, and you should actively compete with Serge and those other clever ScummVM peoples to absolutely piss on their front-ends as much as possible. It'll be a healthy competition. Bye.
  13. Zipping a rar? What? How? Gabez: My Neighbour Totoro, Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke, Porco Rosso, Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service > Howl's Moving Castle. See as many as possible before your Miyazaki kick becomes weak and unable to break through tough surfaces like brick or hard wood. I think I may have actually rated all of those films in terms of the order I like them too, which is wierd since I didn't plan to.. Sorry. That was completely irrelevant other than the compression comment. I'll shut up now.
  14. "We pretty much play daily" Thrik lies. He does so compulsively, and probably tells people that he used to be in a failed boy band called "Echo" but now plays tennis for the England Under-21's, and is in fact the third best in the country at this under 21 tennis game. In reality he avoids worms and plays Kerbie outside in the street with his step-cousin who he sort-of-fancies. If you don't know what Kerbie is, you were never a true child. Why can I not find any web-based kerbie-esque games? Oh, and I'm not spelling Kerby wrong, by the way. (Edit: I meant "Kirby". I'm not spelling "Kirby" wrong (although yes; I did). I'm not referring to the fluffy pink nintendo ball that can absorb things). Thrik is not ninja. P.S. If any of this is true Thrik, it's just a happy coincidence. I know I wish I had a hot step-cousin who would play Kerbie with me.
  15. I agree!!1 Now I have a computer that will run Melee Island properly!
  16. Maybe if Grim Fandango happened to be written in Java. And maybe if heavy dialogue, lengthy, voice-acted games were actually a good idea on a tiny phone screen.
  17. omg when's the release date?? will glottis be back??? i heard something about a card game 2, lik in the final fnatsy games, from my dad who is jim ward.
  18. Well, I'm looking forward to it. If Elliott's promising us a Monkey Island 5, then that's exactly what I expect to see. I would like it if Guybrush could transform into a dog. That is my idea.
  19. I wonder how much extra Mr Armato received for voicing "Duck" and "Monkey 4".
  20. It's not listed, but I'd say Raz's Father alone. More of a very annoying obstacle course than a boss, I suppose.
  21. Mr Flibble: Erm.. he did? Guess the colour of hyperlinks doesn't differ so much from that of regular text in this forum. They're here, anyway. ¬
  22. I remember someone raving about Gulliver, which was partly why I snapped him up. It might have been you, Tones! I did read it when I was a whipper-snapper, but obviously I would have been too excited about the fact that this guy was both BIG and TINY to actually notice any sort of satire, even if I knew what the fuck satire was back then.
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