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  1. Well, "Indiana Jones & The Fountain of Youth" definitely exists - it might have been "FOA2" once upon a time. There are probably several Indy projects. The same goes for Zak - there are three (or more) different "sequels" (1 - 2 - 3), the latter of which has been finished and availabel to download for a while now.
  2. Jesus, this is why being a collector sucks. $230 for a CD that's never going to do anything but sit about in its protective seal. eBay will be an official disease in a few years time. :~ Also, I laugh at your negative feedback, Alien!
  3. You'll never finish Afterlife now :~
  4. Laserschwert, you are quite frankly the man.
  5. Bram Stoker didn't "invent" vampires, so he can't exactly be considered the authority on them. Vampire stories have existed for billions, possibly even hundreds of years. In short, Vampires can look like whatever you want them to look like. People can believe that they're fluffy and white with abnormally large ears, yellow eyes, trousers that are much too short and tacky plastic jackets if they like. Black shoes with white socks is one step too far, though. I think an excellent way of getting Sam & Max 2 onto the production lines would be to harass Mike Nelson's assistant. If anything, it would teach her that lying is wrong.
  6. Since the domain name is "PsychonautsTheGame.com", I can only assume that there is a movie of some sort in production. I hear Johnny Depp is playing Raz. I can't wait! Or it might be that someone has already taken Psychonauts.com, but I highly doubt it. At least Psychonauts won't get cancelled, no matter how "unmarketable" it may be. Microsoft wouldn't notice an extra few million lost in their quarterly accounts.
  7. .."StartScumm" rolls off the tongue so much easier than "Quick & Easy" too.
  8. Anyone who doesn't use BSPlayer for video files is arguably a cur. Zoomplayer users will also avoid being bopped several times in the face. China has thrown down the sickle and given in to the wads of green joy, your ethos is over! 1,000 Chinese labourers are no doubt in various rooms with computers - eventually, the latest Microsoft operating system will be with us! It's time to start building planes with two right wings, and knock in our nails using bullets! Avant is a nice browser too, but Firefox is like an illegitimate half-brother to me - think how good it would be if it were commercial!
  9. I don't think the game was any shorter than the others, it was just that the puzzles weren't particulary rampant nor rabidly difficult. Great game, though.
  10. You totally need to write BARGAIN, BARGAIN! BARGAIN!!! all over for the item to be even remotely enticing. Plenty of <marquee> and <blink> tags are also guaranteed to bring in the big spenders.
  11. Tuna Mayo with ocassional sweetcorn is lurvved by all the cool people. Brown bread? a must!
  12. Nah, she's the wife of Senór Stielbergo. Edit: Stielbergo?
  13. The first two (Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link) were on the NES. The first one is incredibly hard, and the second one is technically the spawn of Satan. Then there's the excellent Link to the Past on the SNES, which also got thrown onto the GBA recently. Ocarina and Majora's Mask were N64 titles, and of course Wind Waker is the latest incarnation. The Oracle titles and Link's Awakening were Game Boy releases. I totally voted Ocarina like everyone else has done so far. It's large, consistent, and filled with lots of crap to do. I was also completely amazed by the 3D Hyrule, and dancing Gorons kick ass. I didn't like Majora's Mask as much, mainly due to the constantly ticking clock that kind of sapped the fun out of exploring. Wind Waker was superb - the graphics were excellent, and I enjoyed the combat-system, visuals and the dungeons a lot more. However, it was a little too small, questing for the triforce shards was a bore, and sailing gets tiresome after a while no matter how cool the water looks. All of the Gameboy titles are great too.
  14. Here's an example: When the clock says 12:00, look at the directions. On the paper, there are some times. One probably says 12:00 E, so go East. It's now 3:15 on the clock. One of the directions says 3:15 N, so go North.
  15. They're the voices from the original game - and infinitely superior to those from the TV show!
  16. Not really as climb-heavy, but yes, in general. Nico's first little adventure is better than Georgies.
  17. Custom Title - Like double bind, only triple. Not double. Avatar - It's a skull! It glows! Someone has their hand on it! What more would anyone want? Signature - Too cool for a signature.
  18. I thought Broken Sword 3 was a lot better than The Longest Journey. TLJ was a little too long-winded for me, I didn't find the dialogue or the story very interesting. However, BS3 was a little short, and lacking in the puzzle-area. Both are good though. If you're looking for a more puzzling game, with puzzles, choose TLJ. If you're looking for an exciting story and "snappy" dialogue, get Broken Sword 3. Unless you absolutely despise crate-puzzles.
  19. From my entire collective 20+ family, I managed: -> Goodmans Freeview Digibox thing -> "Viz" annual () -> A tiny little remote control car, which rules -> Some clothes (Pah! Clothes! Toys, next year! Although this way I don't have to go shopping) -> Super Mario Sunshine! Ha-ha! -> £100 in booty -> Chocolate things -> Only Fools & Horses socks -> Two or three Lynx BodySpray/ShowerGel packs (I have the biggest collection of these ever) Wot universities have you applied to, Joshi?
  20. The sites do allow you to download the music. Just right click the tracknames, and choose save target as. You could use something like NetAnts to make the job easier. Unless you just want the mp3s on a CD, in which case Nero will do the trick.
  21. Milk belongs in cereals, and nowhere else. All the cool people have brittle bones.
  22. I don't see why Pixar would be lacking freedom. If they did want to make something a little risqué, then Disney could always release it under Touchstone to avoid being bludgeoned by misguided parents. I don't think there's much of a market out there for computer-animated adult films anyway (yet), and it's unchartered territory for Pixar. The next Pixar flick will be out in about a year and features a (super) human cast, which should be interesting.
  23. Smeagol, yes. The others, nah. The Elf/Dwarf relationship was pretty much sussed at the end of the first film, and the whole love-triangle was only really touched upon. But, I suppose it's not really important. As for Star Wars.. well, Luke matures, Solo learns all about empathy, and we find Vader aint all bad. Now I feel all dirty. At the end of the day, I liked the Lord of the Rings films. I like Tolkeins middle-earth. I just don't think the films were "all that and a bag of chips" and don't agree with the people running round branding it perfect. Not really my cup of tea, maybe. Rest assured, I will never ever bring that opinion onto a forum ever again. :~
  24. Character Development is an interesting point, actually - the only significant changes in character occurred in the hobbits. Frodo was consumed, Sam showed his loyalty, and Merry & Pippin grew up, I suppose. The others were all clichéd arch-types that were never fully explored. That was kind of Mort's point though, the Lord of the Rings is only one tale in an entire mythology, written to tell you exactly what happened rather than tell you a story. Indy being the exception to the other two examples I gave. I suppose that's the main reason why people go and see LotR - it is a whole other world. I'm not saying it's brain-dead, but I wouldn't call it awe inspiring or thought-provoking either. I would say that it's well-made, and definitely some sort of landmark in terms of making an entire world into a reality.
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