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  1. Yeah, I'm a big fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm & Seinfeld too, although they're totally not loved over here. Strange, since Larry is incredibly unlikeable, which is supposed to be a British "thing" (Basil Fawlty, Blackadder, Alan Partridge, David Brent, etc). As far as the standard American sitcom goes Spin City is the daddy. Those who like The Office should check out "People Like Us", which was probably the first born in the land of spoof documentaries. Also see "I'm Alan Partridge" - Partridge & Brent share many qualities, although this is pure sitcom. Maybe a bit too British to make it to BBC America/NZ, though. Oh, Brass Eye & The Day Today = ultra-win. Edit! Bo' Selecta is a bad, bad television program - I don't recall it being "cult" either - all of my friends seemed to like it so much that they felt the need to consistently spout off catchphrases, which get funnier every time.
  2. Not particularly true. There are a lot of other authors from the same era with much different styles of writing - C.S. Lewis is the obvious one, and I was a big fan of Narnia. Besides, I have read and enjoyed the books, but some chapters were a little less motivating than others. To put it in a brief and no doubt irritating manner, Fellowship set the scene, told the story of the ring and how the fellowship was formed. Then, the mission was made - "throw ring in hole". Other two films? Mission Accomplished! (With bonus war!) The cuts and changes were only "huge" to the most ardous Tolkien fanboys. Of course they changed some things, but it was definitely the book on the screen. Now you're stating your opinion as if it's fact. Not that I would ever call you on that, that would be childish. Anyway, yes, Star Wars is just entertaining, but Lord of the Rings is too, only in a pretentious kind of way. You can derive just as much thoughtful discussion from one film as you can the other. Besides, the main reason for going to the cinema in the first place is to be entertained - particularly to see a film like Lord of the Rings. There's also a difference between liking a movie, and complete insanity. Yes, I have my criticisms, and yes, I'm glad that they annoy you, and Tolkein geeks in general >: Let's just leave it at "not my cup of tea".
  3. I agree with LucasTones - it's great, but people should stop with the constant "It's great!". Because, at first, most of these people were "I don't get it", and then the big Brent bandwagon came along and they all leaped aboard, clapping along to all of the comic-relief flash-dance / MC hammer shit. Definitely no third series, too. It would've gotten completely out of hand anyway. Looking forward to the boxing day special, and the post-boxing day one too. ;D
  4. Mostly half-answers and guesses! Track numbers may be botched.
  5. Just go back to the mansion and root around some more. There are two different contracts there.
  6. My point is, the tale itself isn't all that great to begin with. A film should focus more on characters interacting, and a story unravelling. This just felt like watching people spout off battle tactics and warnings of impending evil whilst waiting for Frodo to toss the ring in the mountain. Maybe this is more of a flaw with the books themselves, though, which aren't exactly easy to translate to film. Don't get me wrong, Tolkein was great. He brought a lot of new ideas into the world, threw in some older ones and created a whole mythology of his own. His writing was incredibly descriptive, although this often made it incredibly dull as well. He didn't get everything right, though - for example, Lord of the Rings ends terribly, with everyone sailing off to the undying lands. Jackson did an excellent job of sticking the tale on the screen, but that doesn't necessarily mean it works on the screen. Anyway, flame away. ;-
  7. I saw it today too, the cinema was surprisingly empty. They're okay films, but really not as great as everyone makes out them to be. Not on the same level as the Indy, Godfather & Star Wars trilogies, because they just try too hard to be completely true to the tale. Fellowship worked, but the others were just three-hour long battles with homo-erotica intermissions. It may deserve the "Special Effects" and "Best Director" oscars, but no "Best Film". Although "A Beautiful Mind" was infinitely worse, but I'll stop talking now.
  8. Hurray for UT. Semi-hurrah for Quake. I too have nothing better to do!
  9. "We Three Kings" and "Oh Holy Night" are simply the definitive musical hits of the christmas period. Gareth, Will & the Idols need to get started on the cover versions immediatly
  10. Would you be referring to the same mojo-posting Hellbeard whose 10-day old thread you just replied to?
  11. Can deaf people hear things when they suck on those magical music-making Chupa-Chups lollipops?
  12. Kryten was introduced at the beginning of series 2, in an episode aptly named "Kryten". At the end of the episode, he sped off in some kind of space-motorcycle. The series ended with Lister being impregnated by his female-self from a parallel universe, said universe's equivalent of "Holly" being "Hilly". At the start of series 3 a brief bit of text flashes by, explaining how Lister gave birth to twins and then sent them back to their universe of origin because they grew at an incredible rate, how they found and rebuilt Kryten, and how Holly had a sex change, basing his new appearance on Hilly. Of course, when they got back to the recreated Red Dwarf in series 7, the original Holly was in place.
  13. Am I the only one who voted "Yes"?
  14. What posessed George Harrison to name his son Dhani?
  15. Just use ScummVM, and all your problems will flutter out the nearest open window. Maybe.
  16. Not technically, although Disney did publish it blah etc. But you should always always post about it as if it's a Disney film, just like all the Pixar flicks. Because they are.
  17. I would go back to the beginning of this thread and totally point out that anyone who posts entirely in italics is not cool.
  18. Nikola Tesla features heavily in Broken Sword 3. And by "heavily", I mean one of his theories features in it. I don't think his name is mentioned or anything. Anyway, said theory is to do with geomantic energy, which naturally blows up the earth if utilised by the forces of evil, and learning all about it was certainly made fun thanks to George & Nico.
  19. Season 4 is abysmal. I'm sure that some of the episodes from season 3 were written at around the same time too, as "The Route of all Evil" and "30% Iron Chef" are season 4 style poor. End Negativity!
  20. I like how George will gladly run up and down stairs, but Nico always walks.
  21. Anyone got their hands on it yet? I've been playing for the last few days, and my comments shall be shared in spoiler tag form!
  22. The mods clearly edited the poll results!
  23. It's probably due to lack of testosterone whilst the child is in the womb, which causes a smaller sexually dimorphic nucleus in the brain - the male nucleus is bigger than the female one, blah etc. They found that transexuals had female-sized nuclei when thye cut up their brians. Meaning they don't just do it for the attention! So if you want your children to grow up all heterosexual, make sure you slip large quantities of testosterone in your pregnant wifes cheerios.
  24. Anyone can stick a picture in, then you just move a few shapes about, type in a witty phrase and send it to everyone.
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