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  1. How about Juno, or the Apprentice, fall, big time, only they can't handle it and go mad or kill themselves? It might sound a bit much, but c'mon, Vader killed kids, given the dark nature Star Wars is taking it might be a possibility.
  2. That it is, piracy is one of the ways terrorists find funding. But I was thinking more along the lines of finding terrorists and what attacks they might be planning.
  3. Well the French has a history of not only spying on all and sundry but doing things that are immoral or illegal. They were caught trying to sink the Rainbow Warrior and earned international scorn by defiantly conducting nuclear testing. But aside from that it seems hypocritical to cry foul about such methods being used to fight something such as terrorism and then turn around and use it to fight piracy.
  4. Hey, you'd be looking for the Jedi Knights forum, at a guess since you're discussing Kyle Katarn. This is for help and feedback on the forums. But I think if you look at what mods you're using you should be able to solve most of your problems. Aside from that then a reinstall would certainly fix it.
  5. Do you have any mods for the game at all? Some can mess things up especially like that. Also try running the patch and see if that fixes things.
  6. How about the opportunity for tactical combat? Allow you to set up a sniper for cover, order a grenade to be thrown to prepare an area and then storm in with your squad at the right time. Especially with heroes that would rule. Though ordering Vader about might be complicated.
  7. Oh there were complex moral situations in KOTOR. The begger on Nar Shaddar for example. Whether or not Kreia is beyond redemption. Promising the settler to wipe out the Mandalorians is a Dark Side act, and the interesting situation with the missing droid. As Splinter Cell is portrayed as real world I think it hits closer to home, because we are more familiar with terrorists killing prisoners for example, and I can't remember a scene in KOTOR where you are put in a position of killing innocents for the greater good.
  8. I don't know about that. Moral choices in the fancible world of Star Wars doesn't seem to have the same impact as something that's portrayed as real life. I mean what's more believible and something you can relate to more, ditching the princess and look out for yourself (KOTOR) or killing your boss after he messed with you too many times (SC)?
  9. Typically me, I would do whatever I could for the greater good. Would that include killing a prisoner? Well... Does that make me amoral? I guess it would to some, to kill someone in the same vein as Nick Berg. With hopefully keeping things straight for discussion here what does doing that say about you? Would I do the same thing for real? It's questions like that that keep me up at night. And also trying not to make things too serious here, on Fifth Freedom and what the NSA might do, there's meant to be checks and balences to make sure no one gets too far out of line. If the President was out of control for example then someone could intervene. That's not to say it does happen but that's what's meant to happen. And resentment of athority is really going to come across regardless of what rights, freedoms, are allowed of any law enforcement, defense or intelligence agencies, but I think that's a discussion for somewhere else. That's right, it's a discussion for elsewhere. Keep it game related please. --Jae
  10. Most of you should know the score with Double Agent by now, your actions determine how much you side with the NSA or the terrorists, much like the light and dark side in KOTOR. There's many situations where you are called upon to do the wrong thing for the greater good. Example, execute a prisoner to convince the terrorists you're on their side, so you can better undermine them. Would you ever do something like that? Have you even?
  11. In that case the galaxy would be destroyed before they were. I wonder if maybe they had gotten too big, that anything would be something of a cop out. We all learnt the lessons of making out something like TPM to be the biggest thing of all time, our expectations were simply too big to meet. Same thing here, because of how big, how involved the characters have become, how can you give them a proper send off? Though a nice twist would be to do a Vito Corleone, or Al Capone.
  12. The Exile. Everyone refers to her as the Exile. I can just see her getting all pissy and demanding to be refered to by her proper name.
  13. I think sooner or later the big three are going to need to be put aside for younger characters, particularly seeing as they have been involved in near every event to take place in the past fifty years. Though I do find it ironic how in the Star Wars films, if Luke had chosen to keep training with Yoda, nothing would have changed. He never would have gone to Bespin, or Endor, but the same result would probably happen. Still there's lots of other characters that can be used to carry the story, even at the sacrifice of L\H\L.Kyle Katarn scarcely needs Luke for example.
  14. Yeah, Private Scotland would go and pick a fight. Private Scotland would unite the clans, give a big speech on the British being able to take their lives but not their freedom and then go all William Wallace.
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