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  1. Nebulicious - Top 20 - Disconnected our match. summary screen reported a loss I rightfully won. EaW ladder gave me the win though. Here is a printscreen of my win - his starbase about to fall apart. Post any top 40 DCers here with accompanying screenshot of your win if you feel they are trying to force a disconnect.
  2. I can no longer stand silent in midst of such newbish conversation. Every unit in EaW is useful to strategic degree. Those who think otherwise lack knowledge of strategy. Xwings are strategic units with scenario-specific advantages. Early-game they are best utilized for scouting opponent mining builds and expansions. Mid and late-game they provide useful waypoints for hyperdriving capital- and cruiser-class ships into opponent mining facilities or into the rear of an enemy-flanking armada for surprise attack. Know that xwings do have shield and hull strength as opposed to tie fighters that have only hull strength. Therefore, never engage one xwing squadron with one tie squadron in a nebula as the nebula renders sheilds useless. Ties will demolish xwings in 1 on 1 battles within nebulas considering equal unit upgrades. These are few basic xwing strategies. Fighters are useful to the strategically inclined. Learn, grow, expand. God gave us ability. Use it. - Tarrats1 : gamespy arena ladder.
  3. Torpid, Question to you and everyone who might know the answer: Is there a resource we can tap to get information regarding battle stats information? The instruction manual that came with the game is very general - it lists no information regarding the amount of damage ships can take or do. I'm looking for a resource similar to what blizzard has on their http://www.battle.net/war3/orc/units/blademaster.shtml website - unit stat information. Is this available for EaW? Example: I'd like to know what the "hit points" are on ship hulls and shield strength. I'd also like to know hero hit points and the amount of damage concussion missles, turbo lasers, laser cannons, and proton missles do to every ship. This knowledge is good for the strategically inclined. I'm a big fan of the space skirmishes, and I find myself often wondering - Hmm...how many of ship X do I need to take out ship Y if damage is Z. Anyone else looking for this information? Where can we get it?
  4. Get this: I strictly configure the multiplayer options screen to quick match me in 1 vs 1 land game only, and it drops me in a 2 vs 2 land game. What's that about? No option to choose whether I want to play as empire or rebellion in quick match? What's that about? In a multiplayer game the opponent out-of-syncs. I hit "kick" the player and game stays at same wait screen. Repeated occurances. What's that about? Seemingly - Only way to play online is by disabling windows firewall, as the firewall exception list won't register the game permanently. Security down. What's that about? Petro Please: You have great concept game here! One big downside is this multiplay. Game's about 500 megs worth of patch updates shy of being multiplayable. Roughly speaking. Steady the course. Patch the game. We're all here to support ya. Oh, also with respect, support this game right (as has been thus far). We want SW:EaW to be the first in a long line of Petro games, rather than the first and and only game released by Petro! Kind Regards, Pedro
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