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  1. I think its talking about on the merchant space dock where it says you can build the Ven
  2. "I've heard but not actual date yet but it will be soon" And you say that and not going to say the time you have heard?
  3. old enough to say i saw the first A-Bomb JK i am 15 and younger
  4. is this game real time battles and turn based map?
  5. This should probably be under the Jabbas Palace Forum..... cool site, images are kinda big though(said in a constructive way)
  6. Banner Request A CIS Themed Banner. I do not want my name in it. If possible I would like Mustafar(planetary view), battle droids and the CIS logo. i would like it to be width- 760 and height-149 All credit will go to the creator on the site it is going on(naturally )
  7. Those could be units they had already built. And have stockpiled on a planet
  8. Good pic, but better if i had a better GFX Card
  9. He could be a reject from your clan. Just my thought... Or someone that had a bad experience with a clan. One person will not make a difference though.
  10. can someone tell me what the shutter shield did?
  11. whoops, mabe i should read a whole post before deeming the rest useless..
  12. Can anyone explain to me how i lost a fleet commander when i autoresolved a ground battle?
  13. 1. you sound really odd when you refer to this as all real, as in we are not really in a galaxy far far away. 2. It is Imperial Security Squadron 3. We will never join, we have to many members and good people 4. I love making lists of threes..
  14. The Power of Broadside Cruisers, those two Broadsides did all the damage, and ended up killing the entire thing.And there were only two of them.(It took about 4 minutes.)
  15. Does the missle jamming field work anywhere on the map or does it have to be near the missles to work?
  16. They are both fruits! and i dont really care, whats the difference?
  17. not to mention that the ai can make multiple orders at once , human con only make one at one time
  18. Or have a magnapulse cannon,also imperial artillery isnt very good at all. fires two shots and is way to innacurate.
  19. In reality nebulas are gieant. Nebulas this small cant even exist(from what we know) as they are the remains of supernovas
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