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  1. This was great :) it’s made me want to get hold of a copy of On Stranger Tides. Sounds like was a big influence on the story of MI. The quality of these sort of documentaries lately that you find on YouTube is awesome. Have watched a couple now that have obviously taken a lot of time and effort to put together.
  2. Oh man I had to go waaay back into my YouTube liked videos list to find this one. Bonus points for the cosplay "Ahhh my violin... I like to keep it where my heart used to be."
  3. When you look at how much influence old films had on a game like Grim Fandango (Casablanca being the obvious one) it's possible that they took inspiration for Guybrush from old films too Awesome..
  4. Thank the gods, Dashlane has remembered my old password and normal service has been resumed. Good to be back!
  5. ummm me too...for next year now i guess!
  6. holy mother of god, thats most fun ive had in ages...says a lot about me really... sweet game though!heh
  7. yeah i think the graphics in MI3 suit the game better than full on 3D, seeing MI1 n 2 remade like that would be cool, but its a still a big project, i dont suppose it will happen.
  8. hehe i ive just posted a thread over at gfn moaning about my scratched CDs! hehe this is good news :D:D
  9. hehehe in that case i'll go with brian the gay guy of big brother fame, and his ridiculous new game show, 'brians boyfriends' i have nothing against the gay community but the guy is loud and really annoying:D
  10. daytime tv sucks, although the boo-baars or whatever the feck they're called are quite cool
  11. personally i dont like lurvs anyone from Wakefield, that place stinks kicks ass dude!
  12. gta vice city for me too, although i ant quite finished it yet.
  13. If you wanna talk about dead forums get over to the GF forums, now that place is dying :(
  14. It seems that UT discussion has completly taken over #grim-fandango heh If only I have the connection to do it justice...
  15. I'd have to say the xbox, however I havn't actually got around to getting one yet....
  16. You really want me to say what I think? nah, I risk getting banned
  17. mine is a crappy broon and its smells like....well it smells...
  18. Agreed. British comedy is the best My personal fave is 'Only Fools & Horses'. The 'Batman' sketch is without doubt one of the greatest comedy scenes of all time :D:D
  19. arghh you beat me to it by 24 days i'll catch you up son, you see if i don't :D happy bday
  20. its an injoke put in there by the developers i think
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