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  1. This was great :) it’s made me want to get hold of a copy of On Stranger Tides. Sounds like was a big influence on the story of MI. The quality of these sort of documentaries lately that you find on YouTube is awesome. Have watched a couple now that have obviously taken a lot of time and effort to put together.
  2. Oh man I had to go waaay back into my YouTube liked videos list to find this one. Bonus points for the cosplay "Ahhh my violin... I like to keep it where my heart used to be."
  3. When you look at how much influence old films had on a game like Grim Fandango (Casablanca being the obvious one) it's possible that they took inspiration for Guybrush from old films too Awesome..
  4. Thank the gods, Dashlane has remembered my old password and normal service has been resumed. Good to be back!
  5. would love to see this but you'll need to upload the pictures rather than linking to them locally on your machine
  6. There's something very special about that festival scene, it's always been one of my favourites. The atmosphere created with the visual and the music is wonderful Whenever I play through the game I always crack a smile when I walk outside onto the streets of El Marrow and hear the music! "I'm back..." The GF demo was based around those first few puzzles and I remember playing it over and over before I eventually bought the game some months later. Great memories
  7. Just noticed these on the DoubleFine website and thought they were pretty cool http://www.doublefine.com/news/comments/grim_fandango_lives/
  8. Aha! Great to see you again Met Hope you're well my friend..
  9. How are you getting on with this? Have you made much progress?
  10. I just love that Art Deco style. It's a shame they got rid of it but at least you managed to track down a copy of it. Certainly looks like the familiar sight of the Number Nine :-)
  11. Personally I didn't experience many (if any..) bugs playing on a Macbook Pro through Steam. If there is the odd bug I wouldn't let it stop you from buying it.
  12. Well that answers that question! Haha, brilliant... :D:D
  13. Haha, I noticed that too on the last play through seems like Chepito is the biggest culprit!
  14. Built on vBulletin I believe. Not sure if there's an option to perhaps install a responsive theme and have us select it through our user cp. I have some experience with phpBB where that sort of thing is possible but not so much experience with vBulletin so I don't know... Sounds like a big job either way as the changes would need to be site wide and there doesn't seem to be anyone active enough to make the upgrades unfortunately
  15. I can't take credit for this, but found this on Vimeo. Pretty awesome I did a quick search, hopefully this hasn't already been posted..
  16. Huz, I know what you mean. He does't seem too bothered that Meche was around only minutes earlier. It's a bit frustrating really! Something I noticed on my last play through was the direction that Chepito is walking around in circles when at the station at the start of year 4. He says he's trying to undo all the walking in one direction but is it me or is he walking in exactly the same direction as he is when he's on the ocean floor and Manny and Glottis find him? Anti-clockwise..! I could be wrong but I'm sure he's going anti-clockwise at the station too What's up with that?!
  17. Mike, these are brilliant! I love the Casablanca one. The similarities between GF and Casablanca are something else. It's so funny watching it and filling in all the GF characters We watch Casablanca every Christmas... awesome film! How about a '2015' on the bottom of the 'Guess who's back' poster?
  18. I do like that the GF forums are part of the LFN as it brings some more people in from across the boards and it's nice to be able to jump on to the other boards and see familiar faces. I'd hate to see the place brought down by a lack of updates to the underlying software though :/ Just thinking there might be a new influx of people resulting from the remastered version being released, be nice to make things easier on a mobile device! Here's hoping anyway..
  19. I there a way to view the forums using a mobile view that I'm currently unaware of? Would certainly be a welcome addition although I suppose it would mean changes across the entire forums. I've used apps such as Tapatalk in the past. The admin installs a plugin on the backend of vBulletin or phpBB and then the Tapatalk app can then be used to view the forums in a mobile friendly view.
  20. Thrik, Perhaps an updated screenshot on the LFN page? Can we maybe get a post on Mojo too? Spread the word?
  21. Yeah I don't remember than angle either.. I asked Olivia to do a poem but she did it the way she always did and the camera angle was the corner camera which looks over the whole of the bar. That's looking at her from the opposite side.
  22. Like a bug or was there a cut scene of some sort?
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